Animoca Brands Embraces Bitcoin for Blockchain Gaming

Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong-based game software company, has announced its entry into the Bitcoin industry by supporting the Opal Foundation, a new Bitcoin protocol. The company aims to become the largest Web3 ecosystem for gaming, education, and culture built on BTC. Animoca Brands will be involved in the Opal Protocol and BLIF token, which will serve as the Opal Protocol Runes token and is a collaboration between Animoca and the metaverse technology platform Darewise. The upcoming BLIF token is aimed at enabling a “true digital life” on Bitcoin and promoting the use of BTC in the Web3 age.

Yat Siu, Animoca’s executive chairman and co-founder, spoke about the company’s vision of an open metaverse where everyone can enjoy digital property rights and benefit from network effects. The company’s portfolio companies have already joined as Genesis members, and all future Bitcoin-based projects from Animoca Brands will partner with the Opal Foundation. The Opal protocol, initiated in 2024, positions itself as a decentralized ecosystem protocol on Bitcoin powered by the BLIF token. It aims to create a seamless blend of virtual and real-life experiences in which banking, entertainment, education, and social interactions coexist harmoniously.

While the launch date of the Opal protocol and BLIF airdrop is yet to be announced, the Opal protocol already has a substantial following with over 270,000 subscribers on its X profile. Animoca Brands is proud to be the Opal Foundation’s first strategic launch partner as they work to establish the open Opal protocol into Bitcoin and ordinals. Despite reaching out to Animoca Brands for comment, did not receive a response. This announcement coincides with the trading debut of spot Bitcoin and Ether ETFs in Hong Kong on April 30. The ETFs recorded lower volumes compared to the spot Bitcoin ETFs launched in the US in January 2024.

Dedra Mulligan

Dedra Mulligan

6 thoughts on “Animoca Brands Embraces Bitcoin for Blockchain Gaming

  1. It’s incredible to see the substantial following that the Opal protocol already has. Clearly, there’s a lot of interest in this project! 💯

  2. I can’t wait for the launch of the Opal protocol and the BLIF token. A true digital life on Bitcoin sounds amazing! 🌈

  3. Kudos to Animoca Brands for their dedication to promoting the use of BTC in the Web3 age. They are paving the way for the future!

  4. This whole Opal Foundation thing sounds like a total scam. I wouldn’t trust it.

  5. The Opal protocol’s aim to blend virtual and real-life experiences harmoniously is a game-changer for the industry.

  6. This is just another way for them to make money off unsuspecting investors. Disgusting.

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