Softbank CEO: Aiming for Artificial Super Intelligence

Masayoshi Son, the founder and CEO of Softbank, a prominent Japanese investment company, has expressed his belief that artificial intelligence (AI) will surpass human intelligence significantly by the next decade. He predicts that by 2030, AI could be one to ten times smarter than humans and by 2035, it could be 10,000 times more intelligent. His remarks came during Softbank’s annual meeting in Tokyo on June 21, where he addressed employees with what has been described as a heartfelt speech outlining the company’s future priorities.

A focal point of Son’s address was Softbank’s commitment to developing what is referred to as “artificial super intelligence” (ASI). This ambitious goal aims to create an intelligence that could drastically alter human life. Son also touched on the concept of artificial general intelligence (AGI) during his talk. He explained that an AGI would function at a genius-level human capacity, potentially up to ten times more intelligent. In stark contrast, an ASI would operate at a level 10,000 times beyond human capabilities, venturing far beyond the limitations of the human brain.

It’s important to note that as of now, there is no scientific consensus about the potential capabilities of AGI or ASI. Current AI technology has not yet achieved a level of reasoning equivalent to human intelligence. The existing AI systems that can think or reason like humans remain within the realm of theory and speculation.

Son’s discussion about the future didn’t stop at AI advancements. He also spoke about Softbank’s trajectory and reflected on his own life’s mission. This personal reflection seemed to unsettle some investors, leading to a three percent dip in Softbank’s share price by the close of trading on the Tokyo stock exchange after the meeting.

In a video clip from the event, Son shared a poignant realization he had two years ago about growing older and his desire to accomplish more meaningful work before his life ends. He rhetorically questioned, “SoftBank was founded for what purpose? For what purpose was Masa Son born?”

In what might seem an unusual statement to some, Son articulated his belief that his true purpose in life is to bring about the realization of ASI. He stressed his dedication to this goal, stating, “I am super serious about it.”

This vision of future AI has profound implications, not just for Softbank, but for the world at large. If ASI or even AGI were to be realized, it could revolutionize various aspects of life, from how we work and live to how we solve complex problems that are currently beyond human capability.

Son’s ambitious vision for AI underscores a broader trend among tech leaders and companies that are increasingly focused on pushing the boundaries of what artificial intelligence can achieve. The journey towards such advanced AI systems is fraught with challenges, scientific debates, and ethical considerations.

While some may view Son’s vision with skepticism, it is clear that Softbank is setting bold goals for itself under his leadership. Whether these aspirations will be realized remains to be seen, but the commitment to advancing AI technology is a significant indicator of the company’s future direction.

Ginnifer Wyckoff

Ginnifer Wyckoff

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