Boda Boda Blockchain: Tracking Africa’s Motorbike Taxis

Boda bodas, which are motorbike taxis, are a common sight in East Africa and are a popular mode of transportation in cities like Nairobi, Kampala, and Dar es Salaam. They provide a vital source of income for millions of Africans. Now, these boda bodas are about to undergo a transformation with the introduction of blockchain technology by Watu, an asset financing company. Watu has partnered with Nodle’s blockchain-powered decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) to enhance the tracking of vehicles financed by Watu. By using Nodle’s technology, Watu will be able to track the location of the motorbikes in real-time, which will help protect them from theft and allow Watu to have better visibility of the assets it has financed.

Watu has already provided loans to over one million Africans in seven countries, allowing them to purchase motorcycles and offer taxi services. The new partnership with Nodle’s DePIN network will initially be launched in Uganda in May 2024 and then expand to other countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo over the following months. The asset location solution will be built on the Nodle Network, which is a decentralized mobile network where smartphones act as nodes in a secure DePIN. With the widespread use of smartphones and advanced geolocation capabilities, Nodle’s DePIN will provide accurate tracking and wide coverage for the vehicles.

Micha Benoliel, the co-founder and CEO of Nodle, believes that the partnership with Watu will greatly accelerate the deployment of the network in Africa. He also predicts that smartphones will account for 88% of mobile connections by 2030, up from the current rate of 50%. Gunars Bidins, the head of GPS tracking at Watu, expressed his confidence in Nodle’s network, stating that it is a perfect fit for Watu’s asset management needs. He believes that the collaboration will allow them to track their fleet more efficiently and cost-effectively, ensuring the safety and security of their assets as their operations expand in Africa.

Florent Stroppa, the chief product officer at Nodle, sees Watu as a prime example of how DePIN can benefit economies and society. He emphasizes that the use of crowdsourced networks like DePIN allows for the quick and cost-effective deployment of new services. In this case, the technology will be used to track assets that are typically difficult to locate. Both Watu and Nodle are excited about this partnership and the opportunities it presents.

This collaboration between Watu and Nodle represents an important step in the adoption of blockchain technology in Africa. By leveraging Nodle’s decentralized network, Watu will be able to improve the tracking of their financed assets, contributing to greater security and efficiency in the boda boda industry. As smartphones continue to become more prevalent in the region, the potential for further advancements in asset tracking and other applications of blockchain technology in Africa is promising.

Brita Benefiel

Brita Benefiel

11 thoughts on “Boda Boda Blockchain: Tracking Africa’s Motorbike Taxis

  1. This is a win-win situation! Excited to see Watu and Nodle’s collaboration bring about positive change and greater security in the boda boda industry.

  2. I don’t see how this partnership will benefit the everyday Africans who rely on boda bodas. It feels like just another way for big companies to exploit them.

  3. The combination of smartphones and blockchain technology is a game-changer for the boda boda industry. Incredible work, Watu and Nodle!

  4. Instead of focusing on blockchain technology, they should be investing in improving the lives and working conditions of boda boda drivers. This is not a priority.

  5. The deployment of Nodle’s network in Africa will accelerate thanks to Watu’s partnership. This is a win-win for both companies and the continent!

  6. Safety first! The real-time tracking provided by Nodle’s DePIN network will help protect these motorbikes from theft. Such a necessary and valuable feature.

  7. Wow! The asset location solution built on the Nodle Network will provide accurate tracking and wide coverage. It’s amazing how technology is transforming the boda boda industry!

  8. I’m not convinced that this partnership will lead to greater security. It feels more like a marketing ploy to attract attention and funding.

  9. The adoption of blockchain technology in Africa is gaining momentum, and partnerships like this will drive further growth. Amazing progress by Watu and Nodle!

  10. Watu’s asset financing has already empowered so many individuals, and this collaboration will ensure even greater success. Keep up the fantastic work!

  11. Watu’s asset management is about to be taken to another level with Nodle’s DePIN network. Such an exciting time for the boda boda industry!

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