Polygon Labs Acquires Toposware, ZK Investment Hits $1B

Polygon Labs has recently expanded its portfolio by acquiring Toposware, a blockchain research and engineering firm. This strategic move marks Polygon’s third investment in startups specializing in zero-knowledge (ZK) technology over the past three years. Toposware has been working in collaboration with Polygon Labs on developing the Type 1 Prover, technology that enables Ethereum-compatible blockchains to implement zero-knowledge proofs without significant modifications.

The acquisition means that 11 engineers from Toposware will join Polygon’s existing ZK development teams. According to Polygon, this deal has increased their total investment in ZK technologies to over $1 billion. This follows two other acquisitions made by Polygon in 2021, when it bought Mir and Hermez—two companies focused on Ethereum scalability and privacy—for a combined total of $650 million across multiple transactions.

Zero-knowledge technology is critical as it allows one party to confirm the validity of a statement without revealing further details. In the context of blockchain, this enhances privacy since it enables transaction validation without disclosing the specifics of the transaction itself. A Polygon spokesperson mentioned that the company is always on the lookout for potential acquisitions to boost its research and development in ZK technology, although no other deals are currently being considered.

ZK technology is anticipated to significantly drive Polygon’s projects, especially as the Web3 services industry alone is predicted to require around 90 billion ZK-proofs by 2030, translating to approximately 83,000 transactions per second. Various other cryptocurrency firms, such as StarkWare and Matter Labs, are also working on advancing ZK technology.

A recent trademark dispute has highlighted the competitive landscape surrounding ZK technology. Matter Labs, the organization behind the zkSync layer-2 solution, sought to trademark the term “ZK.” This attempt faced significant opposition from researchers and the crypto community, ultimately leading Matter Labs to withdraw their request. Polygon viewed Matter Labs’ trademark attempt as an effort to appropriate a collective benefit, with the intention to “steal” people’s collaborative work. Though the trademark was abandoned, Matter Labs is reportedly seeking other ZK-related trademarks, which Polygon also finds problematic.

Polygon has expressed its commitment to protecting what it sees as common goods within the blockchain community. According to Polygon, such actions by Matter Labs could necessitate legal action to safeguard the collaborative work achieved in ZK technology.

The Polygon-Toposware deal underscores the increasing importance of ZK technologies within the blockchain industry. The integration of Toposware’s team into Polygon will likely accelerate the development of ZK solutions for Ethereum and other blockchains.

Polygon’s strategic investments are positioning the company as a leader in the ZK technology space. By continually enhancing its technological capabilities and defending the open-source nature of ZK advancements, Polygon aims to support a more private and secure blockchain ecosystem.

Hanan Escamilla

Hanan Escamilla

28 thoughts on “Polygon Labs Acquires Toposware, ZK Investment Hits $1B

  1. Congratulations to Polygon and Toposware on this strategic acquisition. The blockchain industry is in for some amazing innovations!

  2. Are they seriously thinking spending over $1 billion on ZK tech will automatically make everything better? Misguided much?

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