Bitcoin Retreats as Fed’s Hawkish Stance Halts $70K Rally

On June 13, Bitcoin (BTC) gave back the gains it had made the previous day, as the market prepared for the latest U.S. inflation data. Bitcoin’s attempt to hold onto the Consumer Price Index (CPI) driven gains faltered, with the price of BTC/USD reversing course shortly after reaching the $70,000 mark. By the time of this writing, Bitcoin had dropped to new lows of $66,983 on Bitstamp, reflecting a decrease of around 1.3% for the day.

The previous excitement surrounding Bitcoin was fueled by lower-than-expected CPI readings, leading to optimism. The Federal Reserve’s ongoing meeting on interest rates remained predictably restrictive. The Fed’s Chair, Jerome Powell, delivered commentary that unsettled risk assets by reinforcing that discussions about reducing interest rates weren’t on the table yet. “We think policy is restrictive. And we think, That if you just set policy at a restrictive level, eventually you will see real weakening in the economy,” Powell told reporters at a press conference.

Powell’s comments made it clear that the Federal Reserve believes substantial rate cuts could be further off than some market participants had hoped. This was evident when he remarked, “Since we raised rates this far, we’ve always been pointing to cuts at a certain point.” As a result, betting on a rate cut at the Federal Reserve’s September meeting dropped by roughly 10%, according to data from CME Group’s FedWatch Tool.

Financial analysts reacted quickly to the latest developments. Tedtalksmacro, a financial commentator, expressed on X (formerly Twitter) that the Federal Open Market Committee’s (FOMC) stance was more hawkish than anticipated. He noted, “The market had already priced for this scenario leaving the real takeaway from today to be that disinflation continues (via CPI data). That’s pretty clear from how stocks have moved… Crypto will follow.”

When examining Bitcoin’s price movements, trading resource Material Indicators highlighted the impact of Bitcoin whales on the day’s price swings. “Watching Bitcoin completely retrace the morning pump is more evidence that these Killer Whale Games are playing out precisely as I’ve been outlining in my analysis since Friday,” a post on X explained. Material Indicators attributed these price fluctuations to changes in order book liquidity, influenced by external factors like U.S. economic data.

Looking at the bigger picture, Material Indicators argued that the overall scenario hadn’t changed drastically. They emphasized $69,000 as a critical level for Bitcoin to establish as support. “Everything you need to know is in the charts,” their analysis read. The post underlined that maintaining this support level was crucial for Bitcoin’s price range, stating, “In my opinion, what matters most is that we don’t print a lower low, and that BTC eventually validates a resistance/support flip at $69k. Until then, BTC will remain range bound.”

As Bitcoin continues to navigate macroeconomic uncertainties, the interplay between market expectations and actual policy measures will likely keep the cryptocurrency’s price fluctuating. External economic factors, such as inflation data and Federal Reserve policies, will continue to play a significant role in shaping short-term price dynamics. Market participants will closely watch key levels like $69,000 to gauge Bitcoin’s long-term trajectory.

The cryptocurrency market remains sensitive to broader economic signals, and Bitcoin’s fluctuations underscore the ongoing volatility within the sector. This period of turbulence highlights the complex relationship between macroeconomic policies and digital assets, inviting further scrutiny and analysis from traders and analysts alike.

Lenard Lao

Lenard Lao

43 thoughts on “Bitcoin Retreats as Fed’s Hawkish Stance Halts $70K Rally

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