Zilliqa 2.0 Boosts Speed and Cross-Chain Compatibility

Zilliqa, a prominent blockchain network, has unveiled the white paper and roadmap for its eagerly awaited version 2.0 upgrade, scheduled for deployment on the mainnet later this year. This new version aims to enhance the platform’s speed, efficiency, and interoperability with other blockchain networks, presenting a significant milestone for the Zilliqa ecosystem.

A key feature of Zilliqa 2.0 is its innovative sharding architecture, known as x-shards. This technology enables businesses and developers to create bespoke blockchain experiences tailored to their specific needs, allowing for the construction of highly customized applications on the Zilliqa platform. Sharding, as a method, improves the performance and scalability of blockchain networks by dividing the network into smaller, more manageable segments. This results in higher efficiency and the ability to handle a greater number of transactions simultaneously, without performance degradation.

The white paper also introduces a new proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, set to replace the older, more energy-demanding proof-of-work system. This transition to proof-of-stake is designed to be more environmentally sustainable, enhancing the network’s speed and security. The new mechanism facilitates ultra-fast transaction finality, with the root mainnet shard achieving an average block time of just 2 seconds, and block times can be adjusted as needed.

An important aspect of Zilliqa 2.0 is its cross-chain communication hub, which simplifies interactions between x-shards, the Zilliqa mainnet, and other Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible blockchains. This upgrade ensures that Zilliqa can support smart contracts written in popular languages like Solidity, and it will work seamlessly with widely used wallets such as MetaMask. The platform will continue to support the Scilla language, enabling both Scilla and Solidity contracts to operate in harmony.

The upgrade also includes features such as EVM-compatible account abstraction, which allows for the creation of smart accounts and facilitates easy token conversions for gas fees. These enhancements are geared towards providing a more developer-friendly environment and fostering the growth of decentralized applications (dApps) within the Zilliqa ecosystem.

In terms of tokenomics, the switch to proof-of-stake brings an update that offers appealing and sustainable staking rewards, while also aiming to reduce inflation. This is intended to maintain a stable and healthy token economy, incentivizing participants to actively engage with the network.

The release of the white paper and roadmap comes after overcoming significant operational disruptions that had affected the mainnet’s block production. These technical issues had previously led to a notable reduction in daily transactions on the Zilliqa blockchain, dropping from approximately 61,000 to around 30,906 in December 2023. The network has since restored full functionality, paving the way for this substantial upgrade.

Zilliqa’s management is optimistic that version 2.0 will solidify the network’s position in the blockchain industry, providing a robust foundation for future developments and partnerships. By addressing both technical and environmental concerns, Zilliqa 2.0 demonstrates the network’s commitment to continual improvement and innovation.

As the blockchain landscape evolves, Zilliqa aims to remain at the forefront by incorporating cutting-edge technologies that meet the needs of its community and stakeholders. The anticipated upgrade is expected to not only enhance the user experience but also attract new developers and businesses to the platform.

Zilliqa 2.0 represents a significant leap forward for the network, promising a faster, more efficient, and eco-friendly blockchain infrastructure that can seamlessly interact with other networks, support a variety of smart contracts, and offer improved token economics.

Cyril Dipalma

Cyril Dipalma

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