BTC Dips 1.8% Amid ‘Schizophrenic’ US Jobs Data

Bitcoin experienced a sudden drop in value as Wall Street markets opened on June 7, triggered by unexpected U.S. payroll data. According to Markets Pro and TradingView, the price of Bitcoin plunged by $1,300 within one hour before experiencing a slight recovery. This fluctuation was a reaction to U.S. nonfarm payroll figures which surpassed expectations, implying that the labor market was handling tight fiscal policies better than anticipated. Such results reduce the likelihood of the Federal Reserve lowering interest rates, a key factor that would otherwise stimulate investments in risk assets including cryptocurrencies.

Economist Mohamed El-Erian noted that these strong labor figures effectively rule out the possibility of an interest rate cut in July, a sentiment echoed by Bloomberg. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) planned to convene on June 12 to discuss interest rate adjustments, and current market predictions suggest that a rate cut is unlikely in the next three meetings. According to data from CME Group’s FedWatch Tool, the chances of at least a 0.25% rate decrease were 0.6% for June, 8.8% for July, and 50.8% for September at the time of writing.

Market observers also pointed out the contradictory nature of the jobs data. While the payroll figures indicated strong employment growth, the unemployment rate paradoxically increased to 4%, 0.1% higher than forecasted. Holger Zschaepitz commented that the U.S. labor market appeared to be highly inconsistent. He highlighted that while the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported 272,000 new jobs for May, the Household survey showed a significant decline in the number of employed individuals, down by 408,000 jobs. This discrepancy explains why the unemployment rate rose even though the labor participation rate decreased.

Turning to Bitcoin’s price movements, traders decided to wait out the volatility. Well-known trader Daan Crypto Trades observed that BTC/USD was still below crucial resistance levels, similar to its position before the payroll data was released. Another trader, Skew, mentioned that an increase in spot bidders would be necessary to drive the price upward. He described the current trading zone as “tight,” pointing out previous highs and resistance levels around $71,600.

Data from CoinGlass showed increasing liquidity both above and below Bitcoin’s current trading price, with $72,600 emerging as a focus for resistance—up from $71,900 earlier in the day. Daan Crypto Trades noted that Bitcoin was still trading between major support and resistance levels of $67,000 and $72,000. He suggested that the longer Bitcoin consolidates below resistance, the more likely it is to eventually break through.

BTC’s liquidation heatmap indicated thicker liquidity bands, implying heightened trading activity around these critical levels. Daan Crypto Trades concluded that patience would be a virtue for traders in such a consolidating market. An accompanying chart illustrated recent trading patterns, showing higher highs, lower highs, lower lows, and higher lows for BTC/USD, underscoring the overall sideways trading environment.

Bitcoin’s price action has been heavily influenced by unexpected U.S. payroll data, which threw markets into a state of uncertainty. The stronger-than-expected jobs numbers have diminished the chances of the Federal Reserve reducing interest rates soon, further complicating the outlook for risk assets, including Bitcoin. As the market processes these mixed signals, traders seem content to wait it out, with eyes on critical price levels that could dictate the next major move for Bitcoin.

So, while Bitcoin oscillates within a narrow trading range, market participants are left to evaluate conflicting economic signals and their potential impact on future price movements. The consolidation phase in Bitcoin’s price may be setting the stage for significant volatility in the near term, with both bullish and bearish scenarios still in play. Patience and strategic positioning appear to be the prevailing approaches among seasoned traders as they navigate this uncertain landscape.

Cyrillus Mathewson

Cyrillus Mathewson

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