Unstoppable Domains Seeks ‘.blockchain’ Registration

Unstoppable Domains and Blockchain.com have formed a partnership to introduce and commercialize a new Web3 domain system under the name “.blockchain”. This new domain name system (DNS) aims to facilitate a streamlined digital identity solution for the broader public. The companies have collaborated to register the .blockchain domain with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), an organization internationally recognized for its role in managing IP addresses and domain names.

In their announcement, it was revealed that this endeavor will be part of ICANN’s upcoming six-year registration program. The program is highly anticipated and is scheduled to commence next year. ICANN plans to roll out new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) by the second quarter of 2026. Thus, Unstoppable Domains and Blockchain.com have roughly a year to get everything in order for their application deadline.

Blockchain.com has a solid foundation to support this initiative, having amassed a user base of 40 million verified accounts and facilitated over 90 million cryptocurrency wallets. The company has handled a staggering $1.2 trillion in cryptocurrency transactions throughout its operation. With such a robust infrastructure, the partnership is set to leverage Blockchain.com’s extensive experience and reach.

Sandy Carter, the Chief Operating Officer of Unstoppable Domains, expressed immense enthusiasm regarding the collaboration. According to her, the partnership is set to drive forward the adoption of Web3 by providing an accessible and cost-effective digital identity solution aimed at mainstream users. She emphasized that this initiative is well-aligned with their vision of a more user-friendly crypto experience.

Lane Kasselman, President of Blockchain.com, shared Carter’s positive outlook. He highlighted the collaborative efforts as a testament to their commitment to creating a user-centric web experience. Kasselman expressed eagerness to work with ICANN to bring their collective vision to fruition, signifying the strategic importance of this partnership for both organizations.

Once ICANN gives the green light, users across the globe will gain the ability to register .blockchain domains, which can be integrated into the existing Web2 ecosystem. This expansion will further enable Unstoppable Domains to offer tailored domain names for individual users, brands, and businesses, marking a significant step toward broader Web3 adoption.

In another related development, the ApeCoin community recently approved a proposal to register “.APE” as a new top-level domain (TLD) under ICANN. The proposal received overwhelming support, with 91.68% voting in favor. The initiative, led by D3, will take about a year to prepare and submit, aiming to expand the DNS landscape further.

Fred Hsu, co-founder and CEO of D3, elaborated on their plans. According to him, the DNS domains that D3 offers and intends to register with ICANN are designed to be interoperable. This means they will be compatible across different web versions, including Web1 (email/web), Web2 (apps/social), and Web3, thus bridging the gap between various internet generations and broadening the scope of domain usability.

Mason Walker

Mason Walker

33 thoughts on “Unstoppable Domains Seeks ‘.blockchain’ Registration

  1. Not buying into the .blockchain domain. Feels like just another gimmick to profit off the crypto trend. Where’s the real utility?

  2. Cheers to Unstoppable Domains and Blockchain.com! This new .blockchain domain is set to revolutionize digital identities.

  3. This collaboration is a game-changer for Web3! Cant wait to see the .blockchain domains in action.

  4. Let’s be real, who even needs a .blockchain domain? This looks like a money-making scheme rather than a legitimate solution.

  5. ICANN’s rollout timeline seems overly ambitious. Will it even meet its deadlines? Doubtful.

  6. Kudos to Unstoppable Domains and Blockchain.com! The new .blockchain domain is set to make digital lives easier and more secure.

  7. Kudos to Unstoppable Domains and Blockchain.com! The .blockchain domain is set to streamline digital identity for everyone.

  8. Amazing news! The collaboration between Unstoppable Domains and Blockchain.com is a big win for mainstream Web3 adoption.

  9. Web2 integration? Isn’t the point of Web3 to move beyond that? This feels like a step backward. 🔄

  10. Awesome partnership! The .blockchain domain will make managing online identities so much easier and efficient.

  11. Why bother with this when the current DNS system works fine? Seems like a solution in search of a problem.

  12. I think this is more about hype than actual usability 😒. Web3 domains need better implementation, not more buzzwords.

  13. Exciting news! The partnership between Unstoppable Domains and Blockchain.com for the .blockchain domain is a game-changer for Web3.

  14. The future of digital identity looks bright with the .blockchain domain! Props to Unstoppable Domains and Blockchain.com.

  15. So thrilled about the .blockchain domain! This collaboration is exactly what we need to push Web3 forward.

  16. This feels more like a marketing stunt than a genuine attempt to enhance digital identity. I’m not convinced.

  17. Super pumped about this partnership! The .blockchain domain will make the digital world a lot more accessible.

  18. Companies jumping on the Web3 bandwagon without real benefits for users. It’s all about putting crypto in the headline.

  19. Super stoked about the .blockchain initiative! This is exactly what the Web3 space needs. 🙌

  20. This is huge! The .blockchain domain will make digital identities so much easier. Can’t wait!

  21. This partnership is set to transform online identities! So excited for the .blockchain domain.

  22. Incredible partnership! The .blockchain domain is going to change how we manage our online identities.

  23. Annoyed by the constant push for Web3 when most of the world is still adapting to Web2. Slow down! 🐢

  24. Exciting news for the Web3 community! The .blockchain domain will be a big step forward for digital identity management.

  25. Another unnecessary domain system. The internet doesn’t need another extension to make things more convoluted. 🙅‍♀️

  26. Cant wait to see what the .blockchain domain will bring! This is going to take Web3 to the next level.

  27. Big shoutout to both teams! The .blockchain domain is a much-needed innovation. 🚀

  28. Sounds like a cash grab rather than an innovation. These companies are just exploiting trends for profit.

  29. Hats off to Unstoppable Domains and Blockchain.com! The .blockchain domain will take digital identity solutions to the next level. 🚀

  30. Big news for digital identities! The .blockchain domain is a significant milestone for Web3 adoption.

  31. Kudos to Unstoppable Domains and Blockchain.com! This partnership is a big step towards a more accessible Web3.

  32. This is going to be epic! The .blockchain domain will make digital identity so much smoother and secure.

  33. The .blockchain domain is going to be a game-changer! Cant wait to see what Unstoppable Domains and Blockchain.com achieve together.

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