Developer’s GitHub Blunder Costs $40K in Minutes

A Web3 developer recently recounted a disheartening incident where he lost a significant amount of funds due to a critical error involving his wallet keys. Brian Guan, co-founder of the Web3 streaming application Unlonely, shared his experience on June 5. He explained that he inadvertently made his wallet keys publicly accessible by including them in a GitHub repository. As a result, he suffered a loss of $40,000 when the repository went public. Guan admitted that he had forgotten that the secret keys were in the repository. In response to a query from a community member about the swiftness of the breach, Guan revealed that the funds were drained in just two minutes.

attempted to reach out to Guan for further comments, but they had not received a response at the time of their report. This incident sparked a variety of reactions within the crypto community, leading to a mix of empathy and criticism.

When Guan’s post gained attention on X, the community’s responses were polarized. Several members extended sympathy and support to Guan, while others delved into his previous remarks about using OpenAI’s ChatGPT for coding purposes. One member expressed their condolences and hoped that Guan would recover from the setback. Some individuals took a less understanding stance.

In 2023, Guan had controversially commented on the remuneration of smart contract engineers. He argued that any project paying $200,000 to such engineers was “not gonna make it” (ngmi). He believed that proficient developers should be capable of writing Solidity code with the assistance of ChatGPT. These remarks resurfaced, prompting a community member named Foorbar to parody Guan’s past statements. Foorbar mockingly suggested that those spending $200 on a hardware wallet were also doomed and that developers should be able to store private keys in their GitHub repositories with ChatGPT’s help.

Another user pointed out that while they sympathized with Guan’s predicament, his views on developers seemed to reflect a sense of “Gen Z entitlement.” This indicates that the community was not entirely in agreement about whether Guan’s predicament warranted support or was a result of his own previous arrogance.

Despite the controversies surrounding the use of ChatGPT for coding, a notable success story emerged within the crypto sphere. A memecoin, created with the aid of ChatGPT, demonstrated significant market success. On May 28, the memecoin named Turbo hit an all-time high in terms of its price, pushing its market capitalization beyond $600 million.

Digital artist Rhett Mankind was responsible for creating this trending memecoin in April 2023. He utilized prompts to direct ChatGPT in developing what he envisioned as “the next great” memecoin. This success story adds an interesting layer to the dialogue about the utility and risks of using AI-driven tools like ChatGPT in the development of cryptocurrency projects.

The dichotomy in community reactions to Guan’s incident underscores the broader debates within the crypto and developer communities regarding best practices, the use of AI in coding, and the inherent risks of making sensitive information publicly accessible. This event serves as a reminder of the critical importance of maintaining stringent security measures when handling digital assets.

Guan’s unfortunate experience offers valuable lessons for developers and crypto enthusiasts alike. While AI tools like ChatGPT can augment coding processes, they should be used with caution, and security best practices must always be followed to prevent similar losses.

Gerty Jacobs

Gerty Jacobs

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  1. Brian’s incident shows how even the best can make mistakes. Let’s learn from this. 📚🔐

  2. Guan’s arrogance caught up with him. Maybe now he’ll see the importance of good security practices.

  3. His arrogance about AI replacing skilled developers came back to bite him 😅. Security first, always!

  4. Leaving wallet keys in a public repo? 🙃 That’s just careless. Should have known better, Brian.

  5. The guy clearly underestimated the importance of security. All those $200k engineers he criticized wouldn’t have made such a blunder .

  6. This just proves the importance of cybersecurity in crypto. Stay strong, Brian!

  7. Brians experience perfectly highlights the importance of security in our industry. A painful yet vital lesson.

  8. Embarrassing error from someone who thought ChatGPT could do it all. Proof that experience still matters.

  9. It’s hard to feel too sorry for him after those arrogant comments about engineers 💁‍♂️.

  10. What a rookie mistake! And he thinks ChatGPT can replace real developers. Ridiculous 🤦‍♂️.

  11. Hats off to Brian for admitting his mistake. Hopefully, this helps others in the community. 🏆🔑

  12. Ouch, $40k gone in 2 minutes. Brian, you’re helping more people than you know by sharing this.

  13. Brian, your openness is a lesson in itself. Thank you for turning a bad situation into a learning experience.

  14. What an unfortunate incident. Thanks, Brian, for sharing to help others avoid the same fate. 💬📜

  15. Wow. He dissed paying developers properly and then lost $40k! Maybe now he’ll respect the value of expertise 🤔.

  16. This is precisely why spending on good developers is crucial. A poorly handled $40k loss is inexcusable .

  17. Ouch, losing $40K is rough. But much love to Brian for being transparent about the mistake. 💔🙏

  18. Brians comment about developers and salaries was outrageous. Losing $40k to carelessness? Not surprised

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