Notcoin’s Surge Fuels Crypto Adoption on Telegram

Telegram’s extensive user base has become fertile ground for the adoption of cryptocurrency, significantly fueled by the surge in popularity of viral games like Notcoin. In under two months, Notcoin managed to draw in over 30 million users on Telegram, where it facilitated the setup of TON-based cryptocurrency wallets. The game itself is a simple “idle game” where users tap their screens to accumulate NOT tokens. Remarkably, this game has succeeded in integrating around 3% of Telegram’s users into the Web3 ecosystem. The subsequent listing of NOT tokens on major cryptocurrency exchanges has also provided substantial financial benefits for casual gamers.

During an interview at Next Block Expo in Warsaw, Inal Kardan, the gaming lead at TON Foundation, elaborated on the unparalleled ability of blockchain gaming to bring new users into the cryptocurrency fold. “Gaining 35 million users in five months, Notcoin illustrated how games can thrive on Telegram and how effortlessly it can introduce users to the platform,” Kardan stated. He noted that multiple Telegram-based games are quickly gaining traction and revenue by using similar marketing techniques such as sharing and mining within the Telegram environment.

Kardan described Telegram as an easily accessible and “somewhat untapped distribution channel.” It leverages existing Web2 technologies that are effectively integrated with web page extensions and blockchain functionalities. This approach marks a departure from the “play-to-earn” models prevalent in popular Web3 games like Axie Infinity. Instead, games like Notcoin are adopting monetization strategies more akin to traditional methods, such as advertising.

Yat Siu, co-founder of the blockchain gaming VC firm Animoca Brands, provided further insights into the success of Web3 games on Telegram and TON. According to Siu, the ability to employ viral growth mechanisms that were once effective on platforms like Facebook or the App Store has significantly contributed to the success of these games. Siu noted that Web2 players have moved away from these tactics, as limiting virality can be more advantageous for advertising-focused business models. “Neither Apple nor Google have been as accommodating for Web3 games on their platforms as TON and Telegram have been,” Siu remarked. This flexibility serves as a competitive builder and growth advantage for TON.

Despite the age-old popularity of idle clicker games, Siu believes that the way Notcoin engages its users sets it apart. “The Notcoin approach offers far more value to end-users and aligns better with growth incentives as opposed to the adversarial nature of Web2 advertising business models,” Siu added. Data supports this assertion; for example, Gamee, a Web3 gaming company, actively deploys hyper-casual games on TON and Telegram and has seen its daily active user count rise to about one million.

Many existing Telegram users are already familiar with cryptocurrencies, creating a blend of Web2 and Web3 gamers within a shared ecosystem. “I see the rise of TON, Telegram, and crypto as interconnected. While their missions may differ, they share common values around freedom, liberty, digital property rights, and a decentralized mindset,” Siu noted.

Michał Dąbrowski, CEO and founder of blockchain game infrastructure provider Elympics, sees enormous potential in Web3 games for attracting new cryptocurrency users. He pointed out that game developers have often struggled with monetization mechanics, but blockchain infrastructure offers a solution by enabling the use of cryptocurrency wallets to engage and incentivize players. Dąbrowski believes the TON ecosystem, backed by Telegram’s vast user base, is well-positioned to help game studios deploy Web3 games effectively.

“Notcoin is a prime example of leveraging a viral aspect of a social platform like Telegram,” Dąbrowski said. “Sharing is a crucial part of the game’s mechanics.” The Elympics CEO also noted that Web3 functionalities are rejuvenating the idle gaming genre. In-game soft currencies that players earn are now being monetized, providing them with ownership and real value for the time they invest in playing.

The intersection of Telegram, TON, and blockchain gaming appears to be creating a unique and highly effective entry point for users into the cryptocurrency world. By combining viral marketing, user engagement, and innovative monetization strategies, these platforms are revolutionizing how games contribute to the growth of the Web3 ecosystem.

Aldus Musselwhite

Aldus Musselwhite

14 thoughts on “Notcoin’s Surge Fuels Crypto Adoption on Telegram

  1. The mix of gaming, viral marketing, and crypto in Notcoin is a winning formula. Can’t wait to see what’s next! – Zoe M.

  2. I seriously doubt the longevity of something like Notcoin. These viral games come and go, and getting involved with crypto through them seems like a risky move.

  3. This seems like an elaborate way to lure people who dont understand crypto into the ecosystem. It’s a bit predatory if you ask me.

  4. Notcoin has effortlessly introduced millions to crypto through engaging gameplay. A massive win for blockchain adoption! – Theo C.

  5. Notcoin is redefining how idle games work by offering real-value rewards. Truly a next-level gaming experience! – James F.

  6. The success of Notcoin on Telegram is incredible. It’s proving that blockchain games can reach massive audiences! – Ryan G.

  7. The growth of Notcoin and TON on Telegram is a game-changer. Love seeing this intersection of gaming and crypto!” – Julia P.

  8. Wow, 30 million users in under two months is absolutely mind-blowing! Notcoin is really setting new standards for blockchain gaming! – Emily R.

  9. Notcoin feels like another distraction in the already chaotic crypto space. Do we really need more idle games to crowd our brains and wallets? 🧠💸

  10. It’s incredible how easily Notcoin has bridged the gap between Web2 and Web3 users. Impressive!” – Max H.

  11. Game developers finally have a sustainable monetization model with blockchain integration. Notcoin is just the start! – Ben A.

  12. Honestly, I find it disturbing that so many people are falling for this ‘idle game’ fad just to get into cryptocurrency. It feels like a huge time sink with little reward. 😕

  13. Notcoin proves that gaming and crypto can go hand-in-hand effortlessly. Big things coming for the TON ecosystem! – Olivia R.

  14. What’s next, will we all become professional button pushers for a living? This isn’t progress; it’s a distraction.

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