Wilder World: Alpha Testing on Epic Game Store

Wilder World, a web3 game, has secured a listing on the Epic Games Store even before its official release date has been announced. The publisher, also named Wilder World, describes the game as “the ultimate game.” According to a press release mentioned in , the game offers a free-roaming virtual world starting in Wiami, a metaverse city. Players can explore, participate in races, engage socially, and much more. All in-game items, equipment, land, and avatars can be traded as digital assets on the Wilder World marketplace.

Frank Wilder, Co-founder of Wilder World, expressed his excitement about being listed on the Epic Games store and setting a precedent for next-generation gaming in the metaverse. The game aims to provide an innovative experience using cutting-edge technology, creating a virtual space for gaming, socializing, and earning rewards.

The Wilder World team believes that their game will revolutionize the gaming industry by combining various leading game genres into a single immersive experience. This approach aims to address the perceived limitations of traditional AAA games such as Grand Theft Auto and Cyberpunk. Their roadmap indicates that Wilder World will encompass racing, mining, and first-person-shooter elements to offer a comprehensive gaming experience.

The game is being developed on a proprietary blockchain and the team is collaborating with Polygon and Celestia to build a custom, scalable blockchain to keep fees low. They are also partnering with Metagravity to enable virtual worlds with thousands of players. The creators plan to implement their own cloud gaming system, leveraging NVIDIA GPUs for improved reliability, hardware performance, and optimization for web3 and metaverse gaming.

Although this cloud gaming service is still in its early stages, the Wilder World blog post mentions that, initially, the game will be available on Nvidia’s streaming gaming service, Geforce NOW. The team’s roadmap outlines the phased release of the game’s functionalities over the next 12-18 months. “Act I” will introduce the racing aspect, while “Act III” will focus on combat gameplay.

Wilder World aims to redefine the gaming experience by incorporating a wide range of genres, leveraging blockchain technology for asset ownership, and eventually offering its cloud gaming service. With its listing on the Epic Games Store, the game is set to make its mark in the evolving metaverse gaming industry.

Ravi Marable

Ravi Marable

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  1. Wow, another game claiming to be the ultimate game? We’ve heard that before. Let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

  2. Another game trying to make a mark in the metaverse gaming industry. How many of these are we going to see?

  3. The partnership with Metagravity is a game-changer for the virtual world. Can’t wait to be a part of it!

  4. Wilder World is bringing together all the best aspects of gaming into one immersive experience. It’s going to be mind-blowing! 🌟🚀

  5. Combat gameplay in Act III? Shouldn’t combat be a core part of the game from the beginning?

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