DeFi Tensions Highlighted by LayerZero’s Anti-Sybil Move

LayerZero, a protocol designed to facilitate cross-chain interoperability, is preparing for its first token airdrop. The approach it has adopted to combat aggressive token accumulation, commonly referred to as token farming, has sparked a heated debate. The main contentious issue revolves around LayerZero’s “anti-Sybil strategy.” Sybil activity is when an individual or group creates multiple wallets to increase their chances of securing more tokens from an airdrop. This manipulation can create a false impression of heightened popularity for the protocol but fails to offer any substantial long-term benefits.

LayerZero serves as a bridge connecting previously isolated blockchains, enabling seamless cross-chain messaging and applications. The central point of disagreement lies in LayerZero’s labeling of Merkly, a decentralized application (DApp) that facilitates cross-chain bridging, as a “Sybil farming application.” This label is particularly controversial because Merkly is prominently featured on LayerZero’s website as part of its ecosystem.

In an attempt to gain more insight into this controversy, spoke with CC2, a recognized airdrop farmer and advisor at Merkly. CC2 acknowledged the frustration users are experiencing but expressed an understanding of LayerZero’s standpoint. According to CC2, Merkly initially appeared to have been created to capitalize on the hype surrounding LayerZero’s airdrop. CC2 emphasized that Merkly has since evolved and offers significant value, such as its refuel tool, which remains highly used.

Despite the negative “Sybil farming” label, CC2 believes that using Merkly should not automatically disqualify airdrop hunters. He noted that only excessive usage should trigger disqualification. CC2 also criticized the Sybil hunt campaign led by LayerZero CEO Bryan Pellegrino, suggesting that such measures are unnecessary. He pointed out that other prominent projects like Wormhole and Arbitrum did not implement similar strategies. According to him, LayerZero’s approach could unfairly exclude many legitimate small-scale users with just one to three wallets by redefining what constitutes “Sybil” behavior.

The divide within the community has drawn the attention of venture capital firms, some of which support LayerZero’s Sybil hunt. Pellegrino has emphasized that the initiative is to ensure that airdropped tokens go to actual users rather than manipulators. These genuine users, termed “durable users,” are anticipated to continue engaging with the platform long after the airdrop, thus contributing to its long-term success.

The importance of distributing tokens to genuine users resonates within the venture capital world. George McDonaugh, co-founder and co-managing director of KR1, commented on the matter. He confirmed that venture capitalists are indeed interested in how protocols execute airdrops, as the success of such events hinges on the metrics the founding team employs. McDonaugh stated that an airdrop is most effective when it focuses on community building rather than merely generating short-term engagement. Preventing Sybil attacks, he argued, is crucial for ensuring that significant token sums are not allocated to non-aligned participants.

Addressing the broader issue of Sybil farming and potential solutions, Titus Capilnean, the vice president of go-to-market at Civic, proposed liveness checks. These checks would verify that each user is tied to a unique identity, thereby minimizing Sybil activities. Civic’s identity verification services range from CAPTCHAs to video feed confirmations. By encrypting face maps and comparing them with existing data, Civic aims to ensure user uniqueness without causing excessive friction.

The introduction of identity verification methods in the crypto space is met with hesitation. Users are inherently skeptical of ID checks and the idea of handing over personal information. Capilnean acknowledged this but argued that some degree of friction is necessary to maintain integrity. He likened the current Sybil issue to the early internet days, suggesting the need for third-party verification to ensure authenticity.

Despite existing solutions like Civic, the adoption of identity protocols in decentralized finance (DeFi) remains limited. Debra Nita, a senior crypto strategist at YAP Global, elaborated on the perceived risks of liveness checks. She pointed out that protocols often hesitate to implement robust verification processes due to potential reputational risks and the impact on community sentiments. Using EigenLayer’s airdrop as an example, she highlighted how excluding certain regions could lead to community dissatisfaction and controversy.

Nita explained that the decentralized nature of the industry makes full adoption of such verification methods challenging. Early stakeholders, whales, and strategic investors often prioritize anonymity, complicating the implementation of verification processes. Unlike ordinary retail users, these stakeholders usually do not face the risk of being excluded from rewards, which may contribute to the dissatisfaction of smaller players when their wallets are flagged as Sybil addresses.

As LayerZero and other protocols grapple with the issue of Sybil farming, they must balance the need for fair token distribution with maintaining community trust. The road ahead will likely involve ongoing dialogue and refinement of strategies to address these complex challenges.

Dwaine Reavis

Dwaine Reavis

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