Tether Discredits Ripple CEO’s U.S. Scrutiny Remarks

In response to recent comments made by Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino has defended his company against allegations that the United States government is targeting them. Ardoino took to social media to address Garlinghouse’s claims and accused him of spreading fear about Tether’s stablecoin, USDT. Ardoino pointed out the hypocrisy in Garlinghouse’s comments, as Ripple is currently facing an investigation by the SEC and is also planning to launch its own stablecoin. Tether, Is the largest stablecoin issuer in the world and has a strong track record of compliance and stability.

Ardoino highlighted several reasons why USDT is compliant and widely used. Tether has worked with numerous law enforcement agencies around the world and has blocked over $1.3 billion worth of assets linked to scams, hacks, and money laundering. In collaboration with US law enforcement, Tether has blocked over $639 million. Ardoino also stated that Tether has voluntarily followed 198 requests from law enforcement to block wallets, including 90 from US law enforcement in the past year and 339 in the past three years, with 158 of those requests from US law enforcement.

Ardoino concluded his response by criticizing other stablecoin issuers, claiming that they only comply with judicial orders, whereas Tether works directly with law enforcement agencies. He argued that this approach is more effective in preventing hackers, scammers, and criminals from moving funds around.

Garlinghouse’s comments about the US government going after Tether were seen by many in the crypto community as a sign of potential regulatory action. Some believe that it may be a competitive tactic as Ripple prepares to enter the stablecoin market. Despite the speculation, Tether has not provided any further comment on the matter.

Odell Tennant

Odell Tennant

16 thoughts on “Tether Discredits Ripple CEO’s U.S. Scrutiny Remarks

  1. Tether’s claims of compliance are about as believable as a fairy tale. They need to address the concerns instead of attacking others.

  2. Tether’s words mean nothing when their actions speak volumes. It’s hard to trust a company with such a questionable history.

  3. Tether’s attempt to play the victim card is getting old. They need to take responsibility for their actions.

  4. It’s clear that Tether is feeling threatened by Ripple’s entry into the stablecoin market. They’ll do anything to stay on top.

  5. Oh, please, Tether. Your claims of being more effective in preventing criminals from moving funds sound like empty promises.

  6. Ardoino’s defense is strong and convincing! Tether’s compliance record speaks for itself. It’s great to see a company actively working with law enforcement agencies to combat scams and money laundering. Tether’s commitment to blocking suspicious activity is commendable! It’s important to ensure that hackers and criminals are unable to use stablecoins for their activities. Great job, Tether! Keep up the good work! Ardoino’s response to Garlinghouse’s comments is on point. It’s interesting to see the hypocrisy being called out, especially with Ripple facing its own investigations. Tether is definitely showing its strength in the stablecoin market. Ardoino’s critique on other stablecoins only complying with judicial orders is an eye-opener. Tether’s proactive approach sets them apart! It’s clear that Tether is committed to complying with regulations and preventing illicit activities. Garlinghouse’s comments seemed more like a competitive move, but Tether is holding its own! The crypto community should appreciate Tether’s transparency and dedication to compliance. It’s great to see Tether standing strong amidst the speculation and not giving in to further comments. Keep doing what you’re doing, Tether!

  7. Tether’s continuous denial and deflection are getting exhausting. It’s time for them to face the consequences of their actions.

  8. Wow, here we go again with another round of accusations. It’s clear that Tether is just trying to divert attention from their own issues.

  9. Blocking assets linked to scams and money laundering? Sounds like Tether might have some skeletons in their closet.

  10. I find it hard to believe that Tether is working closely with law enforcement agencies when there have been so many concerns raised about their practices.

  11. Tether trying to shift the blame onto others is just pathetic. They need to focus on fixing their own problems instead of pointing fingers.

  12. Tether’s silence on this matter speaks volumes. They can’t deny the truth forever.

  13. Tether accusing Garlinghouse of fear-mongering is just ironic. They’re the ones constantly deflecting and avoiding accountability.

  14. Tether’s attempt to discredit other stablecoin issuers is nothing but a desperate move. They shouldn’t be pointing fingers when they themselves are under investigation.

  15. Garlinghouse’s comments about potential regulatory action are definitely worth considering. Tether’s track record is far from reassuring.

  16. Tether’s claims of compliance and stability are laughable. We all know about the controversies surrounding them, and they can’t just brush them off with a few statistics.

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