Tether CEO Warns of New Crypto Airdrop Scam, CoinGecko at Risk

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts should exercise the utmost caution following a stern warning from a notable industry figure about a possible surge in crypto airdrop scam emails. A widely-used email list management provider, employed by numerous crypto firms, was reportedly compromised in a data breach, as revealed by Paolo Ardoino, the CEO of Tether. On June 5, Ardoino alerted his 234,000 followers, stating, “We received now two independent confirmations that a prominent vendor used by crypto companies to manage mailing lists might have been compromised.”

Although Ardoino has not yet disclosed the identity of the affected company, he assured his followers that more information would be provided once the investigation is complete. He urged users to remain vigilant, especially with emails suggesting crypto airdrops received in the last 24 hours. has reached out to Tether for further comments on this issue.

The severity of the breach was corroborated shortly after Ardoino’s warning by another major player in the crypto industry. CoinGecko, a cryptocurrency tracking platform, verified that the breach impacted a crypto email newsletter provider used by multiple companies. Bobby Ong, the co-founder and COO of CoinGecko, provided more details in a post. Ong emphasized the potential risks for CoinGecko users and assured them that the company is actively collaborating with the vendor to assess the extent of the breach.

Ong also highlighted the immediate aftereffects of the breach, noting that phishing emails masquerading as CoinGecko communications were being sent from other client accounts. He specifically cautioned users against any emails mentioning a CoinGecko token, clarifying that no such token is in development.

In light of these events, it is vital for all individuals involved in the crypto space to be exceedingly careful with unsolicited emails, particularly those that promise new token launches or airdrops. Such emails could easily be part of sophisticated phishing schemes designed to compromise personal information and assets.

The incident sheds light on the growing vulnerabilities within the crypto industry’s supply chain, especially as it pertains to data security. Companies relying on third-party vendors for critical services like email management must prioritize stringent security measures to mitigate such risks. Periodic security audits and swift incident response mechanisms can play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of user data.

Users are advised to inspect all incoming emails carefully, verify the source, and avoid clicking on any suspicious links or providing sensitive information. Awareness and education regarding typical phishing techniques can also significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to such scams.

As the investigation into the breach continues, industry leaders and security experts will be closely monitoring the situation. Updates from affected companies like Tether and CoinGecko are expected to provide more clarity and guidance for users to protect themselves. Until then, caution remains the best defense against potential phishing attacks that exploit such data breaches.

Minerva Mizelle

Minerva Mizelle

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