STEPN’s $30M Airdrop: Earn by Moving

STEPN, a lifestyle app built on the Solana blockchain, has announced that it will be airdropping 100 million FSL points to its users, which is equivalent to approximately $30 million. These FSL points can be redeemed at a 1:1 ratio for STEPN’s GMT token and can also be used in upcoming STEPN nonfungible token (NFT) mints and to obtain exclusive prizes.

The airdrop campaign is a way for STEPN to show gratitude to its most loyal community members. The first airdrop was dedicated to the app’s core players, who have achieved significant in-app accomplishments. The complexity of their achievements determined the amount of FSL points they received.

To claim the points, users must sign up for an FSL ID, which is created and managed by the developer of the STEPN ecosystem. The points can then be used in the ecosystem’s NFT marketplace MOOAR and strategy game Gas Hero.

The $30 million airdrop will continue until the end of April, giving users ample opportunity to participate. STEPN, created by FSL in 2021, allows users to earn rewards for walking, jogging, or running. These rewards are issued in the form of GMT tokens, which can be used to mint new sneakers or level up in the game.

In the in-app marketplace, players also have the option to lease or sell their NFT sneakers. The GMT revenues from these transactions are stored in the in-app wallet, which also features a built-in swap function.

STEPN currently boasts over 5 million users and continues to attract more participants to its move-to-earn lifestyle. With the airdrop campaign, the app hopes to further engage and reward its dedicated community members.

Bettine Bashir

Bettine Bashir

3 thoughts on “STEPN’s $30M Airdrop: Earn by Moving

  1. It’s so obvious they’re trying to hook people into their ecosystem.

  2. Wow, this is amazing news! STEPN is really going above and beyond for its users! I can’t believe they are airdropping 100 million FSL points, equivalent to $30 million! That’s such a generous gesture of gratitude towards their loyal community members. I’m definitely signing up for an FSL ID to claim my points and explore the NFT marketplace and strategy game. This is such a great way to get involved and earn rewards for my physical activities. The ability to mint new sneakers or level up in the game with GMT tokens is such a cool feature. And being able to lease or sell NFT sneakers in the marketplace adds a whole new dimension of gameplay! I’m so impressed with the growth of STEPN, with over 5 million users and counting! This app is definitely revolutionizing the way we stay active and earn rewards. Keep up the great work, STEPN!

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