Solana Project Launches Delayed by Network Congestion

Several crypto projects have had to delay their launches due to intermittent congestion on the Solana blockchain. Developers of Solana are working on finding a fix for the issue by April 15. Over the course of several weeks, users of the Solana blockchain have reported increasing issues with network congestion and transaction errors. As a result, new projects, particularly those planning token launches, have chosen to postpone their launches until the technical difficulties are resolved. Some Solana projects that have opted to wait include Suit up, a nonfungible token (NFT) project, DuckCoin, an altcoin project, and Surge Finance, a Solana staking rewards platform.

On April 6, Anza, a software development shop focused on Solana, outlined its plan to address the network congestion on their Solana validator client implementation, Agave. Initial investigations indicated that the root cause of the congestion may be related to issues with QUIC implementation, a general-purpose transport layer network protocol. The developers stated that they have been working tirelessly with other core contributors to diagnose and resolve bottlenecks and enhance network performance. They also mentioned that more improvements and changes will be introduced in the coming months.

As of the time of writing, users have reported delayed sends for Solana (SOL) tokens on the crypto exchange Coinbase. Solana has been investigating the issue for over eight hours, although it does not affect trading or fiat withdrawal and deposit functionality. Raj Gokal, co-founder of Solana, previously stated that the failed transactions on the blockchain are not a result of scalability issues.

Amidst the criticism surrounding transaction failures, Andre Cronje, the creator of the Fantom network, has shown support for the Solana network. Cronje believes that the ongoing congestion on Solana is a result of the ecosystem’s rapid growth and increased demand for block space. He views the performance issues as technical challenges rather than flaws in the consensus mechanism. Cronje refers to the Solana network as a victim of its own success. The recent surge in transaction failures has led to widespread complaints from Solana users on social media, expressing frustration with failed transactions and a deteriorating user experience.

Minerva Mizelle

Minerva Mizelle

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  1. Andre Cronje may see it as a technical challenge, but I see it as a failure on Solana’s part. 😡

  2. Solana’s rapid growth and increased demand are signs of its success. Let’s remain patient as they work towards a more optimized network!

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