Sam Altman Fired for ‘Lying,’ Ex-OpenAI Board Member Alleges

Sam Altman was reportedly dismissed from his position as CEO of OpenAI due to allegations of withholding crucial information from the board, as stated by a former board member. The allegation includes instances where Altman, the leading executive of the artificial intelligence development firm, allegedly misled board members, even going so far as to lie outright, according to Helen Toner, who previously served on OpenAI’s board.

During a podcast episode published on May 28, Helen Toner discussed Altman’s behavior and its impact on the board’s ability to function effectively. She claimed that for years, Altman made it exceedingly difficult for the board to fulfill its responsibilities by not sharing critical information and misrepresenting various occurrences within the company. In some instances, he is accused of completely lying to the board.

To illustrate her point, Toner highlighted the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT as a significant example of Altman withholding information. She noted that when ChatGPT was launched in November 2022, the board members were not given any prior notice. They learned about the new AI model through social media, specifically via Twitter, rather than from the company’s internal channels.

Despite the board’s decision to fire Altman in November 2023, citing his inconsistent honesty in communications, the company’s employees protested the move. Out of 700 employees, an overwhelming majority of 505 signed a letter demanding the resignation of the board members instead. Consequently, the pressure led to Altman being reinstated as CEO within a few days.

The responsibilities of OpenAI’s board include making vital recommendations concerning the safety and security of the firm’s AI projects. Toner alleged that these responsibilities were hampered by the CEO’s lack of transparent communication. The board struggled to perform its role effectively due to the gaps in information share by Altman.

Toner accused Altman of hiding his ownership of OpenAI’s Startup Fund from the board members. Established in 2021, this $175 million venture capital fund is set up to invest in companies rooted in AI, technology, healthcare, and education that create a positive global impact. According to Toner, Altman did not inform the board of his financial interest in the fund and falsely claimed to be an independent board member without any financial stake in the company.

In light of these revelations, OpenAI has reportedly modified the governance structure of the Startup Fund. A filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on March 29 indicated that the fund is no longer owned or controlled by Altman. The current control of the fund lies with Ian Hathaway, who has been associated with the fund as a partner since 2021.

These developments highlight the ongoing challenges within OpenAI’s leadership and governance. As the firm continues to navigate the complexities of AI development, the importance of transparency and integrity at the executive level remains critical. The case exemplifies the delicate balance that must be maintained between innovation and corporate governance to ensure the long-term success and ethical direction of the company.

Bartie Savell

Bartie Savell

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  1. Such actions not only harm the company but also affect trust in AI development as a whole.

  2. Reinstating someone accused of lying to the board devalues the importance of honesty and integrity in leadership.

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