Montenegro Supreme Court Sends Extradition Case of Do Kwon Back to Lower Court

The Supreme Court of Montenegro has invalidated a lower court’s decision regarding the extradition of Do Kwon, the co-founder of Terraform Labs, to either the United States or South Korea. The Supreme Court found that the appellate court had violated the procedure by rejecting an appeal from Kwon’s legal team. As a result, the final decision on Kwon’s extradition now falls to the Supreme Court. The court clarified that when two states request the extradition of the same person, it is the court’s responsibility to assess the legal prerequisites for each petition individually. The Supreme Court has directed the case back to the High Court in Podgorica, which will determine whether Kwon is sent to the United States or South Korea.

Kwon, who is facing criminal charges in both countries, has been residing in Montenegro since his arrest in March 2023 for using forged travel documents. He is currently free to travel within Montenegro until the final decision on his extradition is made by the courts. The legal proceedings against Terraform Labs and Kwon are continuing in the United States. Lawyers representing the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission have proceeded with a jury trial, where they have presented some of Kwon’s previous statements as evidence. It is important to note that the trial is still ongoing at the time of writing.

While Kwon remains in Montenegro awaiting extradition, another key figure from Terraform Labs, Han Chang-joon, the former chief financial officer, has already been extradited to South Korea. South Korean authorities have also issued indictments against several individuals associated with Terraform Labs, including co-founder Hyun-seong Shin. The outcome of Kwon’s case will determine whether he will also be extradited to South Korea or the United States.

The decision of the Montenegro Supreme Court has introduced a new phase in the extradition process for Do Kwon. The court’s ruling has shifted the responsibility for determining Kwon’s extradition to the High Court in Podgorica. It remains to be seen which country Kwon will ultimately be sent to and how this will impact the ongoing legal proceedings against Terraform Labs. The case has attracted significant attention due to the allegations against Kwon and the potential implications for the company he co-founded.

Rice Fullilove

Rice Fullilove

4 thoughts on “Montenegro Supreme Court Sends Extradition Case of Do Kwon Back to Lower Court

  1. It’s ridiculous that Kwon is still free to travel within Montenegro while facing criminal charges in two countries. How is that fair?

  2. Han Chang-joon’s extradition to South Korea adds an important dimension to the Terraform Labs case. It’ll be interesting to see if Kwon will follow the same path or face extradition to the United States.

  3. The Montenegro Supreme Court’s ruling brings a glimmer of hope for Kwon, as it acknowledges the violation of procedural fairness. We’ll see where this new phase takes him.

  4. Kwon’s arrest for using forged travel documents raises serious questions about his integrity. He should face the consequences of his actions.

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