Libertarian Candidate’s Crypto Platform Revealed

During Memorial Day Weekend, the United States Libertarian Party made a significant decision regarding their presidential nomination. While notable figures like Donald Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gave speeches at the party’s convention, it was Chase Oliver who emerged as the party’s presidential nominee on May 26. By securing this nomination, Oliver becomes the official representative of the third-largest political party in the U.S., gearing up to compete in the November 2024 elections.

At 38 years old, Chase Oliver steps into a political arena dominated by President Joe Biden and Donald Trump, who are the presumptive nominees for the Democratic and Republican parties, respectively. The announcement of Oliver’s nomination followed a contentious moment at the Libertarian Party convention. On May 25, Donald Trump addressed the delegates, but his speech was met with boos and accusations of being a “liar” and a “panderer,” signaling a clear disconnect between Trump and the Libertarian values.

Before Trump, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had also made his case to the Libertarian delegates on May 24. Despite his efforts, he managed to secure only 2% of the vote, thus eliminating him from the nomination race. The Libertarian Party, known for its distinct platform that includes support for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, upheld its principles during the convention. According to the party’s platform, individuals should have the freedom to use any mutually agreeable commodity as money.

Although Chase Oliver has spoken extensively about the economy and individual freedoms, his stance on digital assets was not readily available at the time of this article’s publication. He has been vocal about certain issues, including advocating for the release of Ross Ulbricht, the Silk Road founder serving two life sentences for his involvement in the infamous online marketplace.

Oliver’s nomination comes with a broader agenda that includes appointing Mike ter Maat as his vice-presidential running mate. Mike ter Maat, a 63-year-old Portland native, has articulated a platform that opposes the Federal Reserve’s move towards a central bank digital currency (CBDC) and calls for minimal regulation on cryptocurrencies. He also supports prison sentences for individuals like former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, who have defrauded customers.

Despite its status as the third-largest party in the United States, the Libertarian Party faces a steep uphill battle in the presidential elections. In the 2016 election, the party garnered approximately 3% of the popular vote, a figure which it may struggle to surpass in 2024. The electoral system in the U.S., characterized by the “winner-take-all” mechanism in many states, makes it difficult for third-party candidates to win outright but allows them to influence election outcomes by drawing votes away from the major parties.

As Election Day approaches on November 5, one significant factor is the stance of major candidates on cryptocurrencies. Donald Trump has become increasingly vocal about his support for crypto. In May, he announced that he would accept campaign donations in digital assets and expressed a positive outlook on the technology.

On the other side, President Biden is anticipated to receive several crypto-focused bills before November, which could have a considerable impact on voters concerned with digital assets. As the political landscape shifts, how these positions affect voter dynamics will be crucial for all candidates, including the Libertarian nominee, Chase Oliver.

Cyrillus Mathewson

Cyrillus Mathewson

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  11. Exciting times for the Libertarian Party with Chase Oliver leading the way! 🚀

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