Lazarus-Linked Addresses Worth $61M Flagged by ZachXBT

Blockchain investigator ZachXBT has revealed seven wallet addresses linked to the notorious North Korean hacking group, Lazarus. These wallets contain a significant amount of cryptocurrency, specifically 891.13 Bitcoin. ZachXBT shared these wallet details on May 21, underscoring ongoing efforts to track and control illicit activities orchestrated by the group.

Previously, ZachXBT’s investigations have led to the freezing of $3.8 million in digital assets by the authorities. The detailed research from ZachXBT has been instrumental in understanding the mechanisms used by Lazarus to launder stolen funds. The revealed wallets still hold the flagged amounts, highlighting the persistent presence and influence of the hacker group within the crypto space.

On April 29, ZachXBT published a comprehensive analysis describing how Lazarus Group laundered approximately $200 million from over 25 hacks since 2020. The study disclosed that the hackers utilized peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces and crypto-mixing services to convert the stolen cryptocurrency into fiat currency. One significant finding was that around $44 million were laundered through P2P marketplaces such as Paxul and Noones.

The usernames “EasyGoatfish351” and “FairJunco470” were identified for their significant deposit and trading volumes that matched the amount of stolen funds. ZachXBT’s investigation also highlighted that the laundered digital assets were frequently converted into Tether (USDT) before being further exchanged into fiat and withdrawn, creating multiple layers to disguise the origin of the funds.

Earlier this year, the Lazarus Group became active again after a period of inactivity. On January 8, they transferred $1.2 million in stolen digital assets from a mixer to an inactive wallet. This transfer included 27.37 Bitcoin, worth $1.2 million at the time, in two separate transactions. Following these transactions, 3.343 BTC, valued at $150,582, was moved to a previously known address, indicating a pattern in their laundering activities.

In another incident on April 24, the Lazarus Group was seen utilizing LinkedIn to carry out malware attacks. They posed as applicants for blockchain developer roles within the crypto space as a ploy to gain access to sensitive employee credentials. Blockchain security firm Slowmist identified and flagged these attacks, emphasizing the group’s evolving and sophisticated methods of targeting their victims.

The Lazarus Group continues to be one of the most formidable criminal entities in the cryptocurrency realm. Over the past six years leading up to 2023, they have stolen more than $3 billion in digital assets. Remarkably, the group managed to steal $1.7 billion in 2022 alone, a figure that surpasses North Korea’s total annual income from exports by almost ten times.

This ongoing confrontation with the Lazarus Group underscores the critical need for robust security measures and vigilant monitoring within the crypto industry. As blockchain investigators continue their efforts, the battle against such criminal enterprises remains a high-stakes and dynamic challenge.

Pieter Kellerman

Pieter Kellerman

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  1. Honestly, shouldn’t we be worrying more about preventing these hacks in the first place rather than just tracking the stolen funds after the fact?

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