Global Spotlight on Bitcoin ETFs as BTC Surpasses $71K

Bitcoin saw its highest value in two weeks on June 5, with experts connecting the upward movement in its price to renewed interest from institutional investors. Analysts were not surprised by this trend, attributing it partly to actions in the U.S. market. Data indicated that Bitcoin reached up to $71,286 on Bitstamp after the daily close.

During the Asian trading session, gains were maintained, and attention turned to the Wall Street opening, which marked the beginning of the trading week in the United States with significant buying activity. According to Skew, a well-known trader, the increase in spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the U.S. played a crucial role in this bullish behavior. On June 4, these ETFs experienced nearly $900 million in net inflows, making it the second highest single-day total in five months, as reported by various sources, including the UK-based investment firm Farside.

Skew mentioned that such a rise was anticipated, commenting that there was significant buying pressure throughout the day until the late U.S. session. He noted that consistent purchasing via Coinbase often linked to Spot ETFs typically precedes these inflows. Skew also highlighted that the global exchange Binance might be essential in further supporting this upward trend.

Material Indicators, a trading resource, pointed out the heavy resistance levels between the current spot price and the all-time high of $73,800. They observed that liquidity was being placed above $69,000, an essential level that needs to turn into support to maintain the price. Their commentary noted the importance of price consolidation above $69,000 for stability, while a dip below this mark would invalidate the support level achievement.

In terms of ETFs, trading firm QCP Capital identified more significant positive influences on Bitcoin due to global institutional investments. They noted BlackRock’s Bitcoin spot ETF, which rapidly surpassed $20 billion in size, an unprecedented milestone. Besides, Thailand’s SEC has approved the first Bitcoin spot ETF, and Australia’s first Bitcoin spot ETF has also begun trading.

QCP Capital emphasized that these new avenues for institutional capital worldwide would likely continue to support Bitcoin’s price. This broad acceptance and the influx of traditional investments mean that Bitcoin’s valuation might remain buoyant for a prolonged period.

QCP Capital anticipated that upcoming U.S. unemployment data, expected by the end of the week, might provide an additional boost to Bitcoin prices. If the data reveals more significant economic impacts from restrictive financial policies than expected, it could serve as an extra catalyst for Bitcoin’s price increase.

They speculated on whether this new data might be the trigger that helps Bitcoin break its all-time high. As more institutional funds flow into the cryptocurrency market, primarily through ETFs, Bitcoin’s value remains under optimistic speculation and analysis.

Montgomery Bonnette

Montgomery Bonnette

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