Genesis Global Wins Court Nod for $3B Payout

Genesis Global, once a notable player in the cryptocurrency lending sector, has acquired court consent to distribute nearly US$3 billion in cash and cryptocurrency to its creditors. This court decision, Leaves its parent firm, Digital Currency Group (DCG), without any recovery from Genesis’s bankruptcy proceedings. On Friday, May 17, Judge Sean Lane authorized Genesis’s Chapter 11 repayment strategy, effectively green-lighting the unfrozen return of customer assets that had been immobilized since the company halted withdrawals in November 2022.

The cessation of withdrawals came in the wake of the downfall of several significant cryptocurrency enterprises which contributed to Genesis’s financial turmoil. Despite DCG’s objections, arguing that Genesis should only repay customers and creditors based on the value of crypto assets back in January 2023 when Genesis declared bankruptcy, the court found otherwise. At that point, Bitcoin (BTC) was trading around $24,000, substantially lower than its value of over $66,700 on the ruling day, reflecting an increase exceeding $42,000.

DCG’s appeal was overruled by Judge Lane, who stated in his comprehensive 135-page judgment that as a shareholder, DCG didn’t possess the legal capacity to contest the Chapter 11 repayment plan. Within the framework of Chapter 11 proceedings, Genesis’s shareholders, including DCG, hold a lesser claim on the repayment hierarchy. Consequently, any reserve funds for distribution are primarily earmarked for creditor claims, which are prioritized over DCG’s equity holdings.

Judge Lane underscored that, given the overwhelming creditor claims, which include settlements to multiple creditors and regulatory bodies tallying up to $32 billion, DCG’s equity interest is virtually worthless due to an extensive multibillion-dollar deficit. Despite DCG’s insistence on capping customer claims, it was determined that Genesis must first address its commitments to other creditors before any potential distribution to its equity owner, DCG.

The catastrophic bear market in 2022 significantly impacted Genesis, leading to its bankruptcy filing in January 2023. Genesis had earlier suspended customer withdrawals in mid-November 2022 as it grappled with a liquidity crisis. Reports indicated that Genesis owed more than $3.5 billion to its top 50 creditors, with prominent firms like Gemini among them.

In a bid to reconcile its liabilities, Genesis embarked on liquidating $1.6 billion of its assets. Previous attempts to secure settlements with DCG and its former business partner Gemini were unsuccessful. Amidst this chaotic backdrop, Genesis had announced in November 2023 that DCG had agreed to settle its outstanding $324.5 million in loans by April 2024. This proposed agreement was aimed at quelling a lawsuit filed by Genesis against DCG in September, which sought the repayment of overdue loans around $620 million.

The court’s recent decision is a substantial step for Genesis in navigating its financial restructuring process. The approval of its Chapter 11 plan marks a critical juncture as it aims to restore funds to its creditors and bring closure to its bankruptcy saga. For DCG, It signifies a notable loss, as its position in the repayment hierarchy leaves it with no financial recovery from the proceedings.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, the outcome of Genesis’s bankruptcy adds another chapter to the lessons and precedents in the fledgling crypto financial industry. Moving forward, both Genesis and DCG will have to chart their respective paths, learning from the tumultuous events that led to this point. The repercussions of this ruling may also resonate across other cryptocurrency lending firms facing similar financial distress.

Ismail Bohon

Ismail Bohon

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