Dubai Regulator Updates Crypto Token Rules for Funds

The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) has introduced updates to its cryptocurrency token regulations, aiming to refine the regulatory landscape within its jurisdiction. The DFSA, which operates independently within the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is responsible for overseeing entities based in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), a recognized special economic zone. On June 3, the DFSA unveiled the revised crypto token framework to integrate insights from Consultation Paper 153, which was released in January 2024. These updates cover critical aspects such as fund investments in crypto tokens and the procedures for recognizing these tokens.

One of the significant changes pertains to funds, impacting the way external and foreign funds can offer units involving recognized crypto tokens. Historically, the DFSA had imposed stringent restrictions on fund activities related to crypto tokens. In the recent consultation paper, fund and asset managers voiced concerns over what they deemed an overly rigid regime. They argued that the existing rules, particularly those limiting external and foreign funds’ investments in crypto tokens, were too restrictive. This feedback has led the DFSA to re-evaluate its stance.

The amendments addressed the investment capacity of domestic qualified investor funds in unrecognized tokens. Since the regime’s inception, only five crypto tokens were officially recognized: Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, XRP, and Toncoin (TON). While the DFSA acknowledges the importance of a recognition process, it also opened the door for domestic funds to invest in unrecognized tokens, provided that such investments do not exceed 10% of the fund’s gross asset value (GAV).

Another key area of change involves the fees and criteria for token recognition. Originally, the application fee for recognizing a token was set at $10,000 per token, a cost many stakeholders found prohibitive, especially for firms looking to recognize multiple tokens. Responding to this feedback, the DFSA halved the fee to $5,000 and established additional recognition criteria specifically for stablecoins, which are crypto tokens pegged to fiat currencies.

Despite these changes, the DFSA has made it clear that they are not adopting a more lenient regulatory approach. The consultation paper stressed that the adjustments are meant to provide flexibility for recognizing fiat-pegged crypto tokens issued in jurisdictions with comparable regulations, rather than a relaxation of standards.

In a press release, DFSA chief executive Ian Johnston articulated the regulator’s goal of fostering innovation in a responsible and transparent manner within the crypto market. Johnston stated that the DFSA is committed to evolving its regulatory framework in line with global best practices and standards, balancing innovation with regulatory objectives.

The announcement of the amendments reflects the DFSA’s efforts to stay abreast of market developments, heed international recommendations, and incorporate their supervisory experience. Over the past two years, the DFSA has engaged with more than 100 firms seeking licensing, gaining invaluable insights into market dynamics and regulatory requirements.

These updates mark a proactive step by the DFSA to support the evolving regulatory needs of the cryptocurrency market while maintaining a robust and flexible regulatory approach. The changes aim to strike a balance between fostering growth and ensuring that the crypto space operates within a secure and transparent framework.

By addressing the concerns of industry stakeholders and adjusting regulations accordingly, the DFSA reaffirms its commitment to supporting innovation while upholding high regulatory standards. This approach underscores the DFSA’s role as a forward-thinking regulatory body dedicated to the sustainable growth of the cryptocurrency market within the DIFC.

Idell Bruni

Idell Bruni

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