Bitcoin’s Future Beyond Craig Wright?

Almost ten years after Craig Wright began claiming he was Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin (BTC), a court in the United Kingdom has finally weighed in. This month, England’s High Court of Justice, led by Justice James Mellor, ruled that Wright is not Satoshi. The court found that Wright “lied to the court extensively and repeatedly” and engaged “in forgery on a grand scale” in an attempt to validate his claim as the Bitcoin creator.

Justice Mellor’s decision harshly criticized Wright. He noted that while Wright portrays himself as a very intelligent individual, Mellor was convinced from both written and oral testimonies that Wright fabricated evidence. Most of these lies were aimed at backing his larger falsehood: the claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

Since Wright started asserting his claims in 2015, many dedicated Bitcoin enthusiasts largely ignored him. Mainstream media outlets quickly provided him a platform, which he used to harm the reputation of individuals, companies, and Bitcoin itself. The recent court ruling now helps the Bitcoin community preserve the narrative of its “immaculate conception” without the uncertainty Wright introduced, supported partially by major media publications such as Gizmodo, Wired, BBC, and others.

Numerous media outlets failed to scrutinize the facts thoroughly, especially the easily verifiable cryptographic data. Even as late as 2019, some media did not fully grasp Wright’s deceit. When Wright filed a U.S. copyright claim for the Bitcoin white paper in 2019, a spokesman called it “the first government agency recognition of Craig Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto,” which some publications took at face value.

Wright also managed to deceive Gavin Andresen, the individual to whom Satoshi had entrusted the Bitcoin source code. The confusion Wright caused led the Bitcoin developers to revoke Andresen’s commit access. This was a significant event in the Bitcoin world, causing considerable unease at the time.

Unlike Wright, the real Satoshi operated with caution and humility. Known only through text communications, Satoshi appeared disciplined and reasoned. He avoided the spotlight, urging early adopters not to promote Bitcoin until it was more developed. He exited the scene in 2011, possibly concerned after WikiLeaks began accepting Bitcoin and Andresen presented Bitcoin to the CIA. Wright, conversely, has always been boastful, frequently implying that he was Satoshi through public appearances and even backdated blog posts.

Referred to as “Faketoshi” in Bitcoin’s online communities, Wright sought every chance to claim the spotlight for himself. Justice Mellor condemned Wright’s attempts to prove he was Satoshi as “a most serious abuse of this court’s process.” Although Wright has said he will appeal the decision, the current ruling could expose him to further lawsuits from those damaged by his behavior, including companies like Coinbase and individuals like Peter McCormack.

Had Wright been Satoshi, he could have easily proven it by signing a message such as “Craig Wright is Satoshi” with the private key to Bitcoin’s Genesis Block. He could have also used a PGP key that wasn’t backdated, but none of this has occurred.

Wright’s aggressive legal actions based on his unfounded claims should be a concern for everyone. But now, with the court’s decision, the Bitcoin community can finally start to move on from the shadow cast by Craig Wright’s long-debunked assertions. The final chapter on his claim to be Satoshi can be written, allowing the Bitcoin ecosystem to continue its development unburdened by his distractions.

Bartie Savell

Bartie Savell

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  1. The damage Wright has done to individuals like Gavin Andresen is unforgivable. Disgusting.

  2. This ruling truly upholds the integrity of Bitcoin. Wrights deception is now clear for everyone.

  3. All this drama, and for what? Wright needs to just give it up already.

  4. Grateful for this long-awaited verdict. The crypto world stands stronger in the truth!

  5. Justice James Mellor just secured a huge win for the Bitcoin community. Time to move on from Wright’s lies. Victory! 🏆

  6. What a win for the Bitcoin community! Wrights lies are finally catching up with him.

  7. The court backs what we’ve known all along. Wright is not Satoshi and never was!

  8. A wave of relief for everyone who believed in Bitcoin’s true beginnings. No more fake Satoshi claims!

  9. This guy is an embarrassment to the entire Bitcoin community. Good riddance!

  10. This guy Craig Wright is the biggest fraud in crypto history. Good riddance!

  11. I can’t believe mainstream media fell for his lies for so long. Do your homework next time!

  12. Happier times ahead for Bitcoin enthusiasts! No more distractions from Wrights lies.

  13. Cant express enough how critical this ruling is! Onward with the true story of Bitcoin.

  14. So satisfying to see justice prevail. Bitcoin’s true essence remains untarnished.

  15. Truth and transparency win the day. Hopefully, this lesson resonates widely.

  16. The court’s decision safeguards Bitcoin’s legacy. Proud to be part of this community!

  17. So glad this chapter is over. Now Bitcoin can move forward without this distraction.

  18. How could anyone believe Wright for this long? Unbelievable. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

  19. Goodbye to Faketoshi’s distractions! The Bitcoin community can now thrive without his noise.

  20. Craig Wright should be ashamed of himself for dragging so many people and companies through the mud.

  21. It’s about time the court called out Wright’s lies. He’s been a thorn in Bitcoin’s side for too long.

  22. Im glad the court recognized Wright’s deceitful nature. Let’s finally put this Faketoshi nonsense to rest.

  23. Finally, some peace for those of us who knew Wright wasn’t Satoshi.

  24. Craig Wright’s actions have caused so much unnecessary drama in the crypto world. He deserves all the criticism he gets.

  25. Wright’s compulsive need to lie and fabricate stories is seriously disturbing. Seek help! 🚫

  26. Thank God the court finally put a stop to Wright’s nonsense. What a waste of everyone’s time. ⏰

  27. Can we please stop giving this fraud any more attention? He’s not Satoshi, and never will be.

  28. Justice served! Wrights deceit has no place in the crypto world. Onward and upward, Bitcoin!

  29. Couldnt have asked for a better outcome! Time to focus on real innovations in the crypto world.

  30. The real Satoshi was humble and private. Craig Wright is the exact opposite. Case closed.

  31. Free from the shadows of fake claims, Bitcoin shines bright. Kudos to the justice system!

  32. Hats off to Justice Mellor! This decision is a significant step in preserving Bitcoins legacy.

  33. Kudos to Justice Mellor for seeing through Wright’s lies! The Bitcoin world can breathe easier now.

  34. What a relief for the Bitcoin community! Wright’s fabrications are now outmatched by facts. 👏

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