Aptos Achieves Record User Transactions

The layer-1 blockchain platform Aptos, created by ex-Facebook employees, has recently set a remarkable milestone in blockchain transactions. On May 25, Aptos significantly outstripped Solana by registering an astounding 115.4 million transactions in a single day, compared to Solana’s 31.7 million. This sudden spike not only set a new industry benchmark but also shattered the previous L1 record of over 65 million transactions held by the Sui Network by over 50%.

Aptos’s user transactions per second (TPS) also achieved an all-time high, reaching 32,000 on that same day, according to Aptoscan. This landmark signifies a remarkable increase in activity within the blockchain ecosystem, highlighting the rapid adoption and growing momentum of the industry.

A significant factor contributing to this surge in activity is the launch of a new game, Tapos Cat. This tap-to-earn game has quickly garnered immense popularity, and within its first day on the mainnet, it processed an eye-popping 10 million transactions. In Tapos Cat, players can earn $HEART tokens simply by ‘tickling’ a virtual cat. The game’s mechanics encourage multiple transactions, and it initially offers a gas-free experience for the first 72 hours, allowing players to engage without any additional costs.

Despite the remarkably high transaction volume, Aptos has managed to maintain steady gas fees and high success rates. This consistency is largely due to its Aggregator feature, which allows the platform to handle multiple transactions simultaneously, providing users with a smooth and efficient experience.

The CEO of Helius Labs has expressed some skepticism regarding Tapos Cat’s long-term value and practical utility. He questioned whether the game’s focus on click-and-buy interactions might artificially inflate metrics instead of genuinely meeting user needs. Although Tapos Cat might seem to lack a clear purpose at first sight, proponents of Aptos argue that the game is an essential engineering initiative. They believe it demonstrates the platform’s robustness and scalability, laying the groundwork for future advancements.

Committed to its mission of expanding access to decentralized assets for billions, Aptos Labs continues its efforts to scale. On May 9, the team notably welcomed new global advisers, including David Lawee, former vice president of corporate development at Google, a move aimed at bolstering its strategic vision and leadership.

In addition to these developments, in November 2023, Aptos Labs announced a collaborative initiative with Atomrigs Lab to launch a Web3 wallet service named T wallet. This ambitious project is done in partnership with South Korean telecommunications giant SK Telecom (SKT). The introduction of this service aims to further integrate blockchain technology into everyday financial transactions and digital asset management.

Aptos’s recent achievements signal a transformative period for blockchain technology. By consistently pushing the boundaries through innovative applications like Tapos Cat, and strategic partnerships such as with SK Telecom, Aptos demonstrates its commitment to leading the charge in the blockchain space. This momentum not only underscores the platform’s potential but also sets the stage for future developments and greater adoption rates in the industry.

Jacenta Sica

Jacenta Sica

22 thoughts on “Aptos Achieves Record User Transactions

  1. This so-called milestone would be impressive if it wasn’t driven by a useless game. Aptos, show us something real!

  2. Aptos is on fire! Breaking records and pushing boundaries. Exciting to see where the platform goes next. Keep up the amazing work!

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  4. Achieving 115.4 million transactions in a single day is a milestone worth celebrating! Aptos is clearly leading the way in blockchain technology. 🎉

  5. Are we seriously celebrating a virtual cat tickling game? 🐱‍💻 This doesn’t sound like real innovation to me. 🚫

  6. Please tell me blockchain technology has more to offer than virtual cat games. This just feels like a waste of potential.

  7. The new Aggregator feature on Aptos is a game-changer! Handling multiple transactions simultaneously makes for a smooth user experience.

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  9. Are we seriously setting industry benchmarks based on a game? Feels like we’re missing the whole point of blockchain.

  10. Aptos’s success is all smoke and mirrors if it relies on games like Tapos Cat to boost transactions. Where’s the substance?

  11. I fail to see how virtual cat tickling helps in expanding access to decentralized assets for billions. Sketchy metrics.

  12. Aptos’s strategic partnership with SK Telecom is a huge win! Can’t wait to see how T wallet will integrate blockchain into our daily lives.

  13. 115.4 million transactions for a meaningless game? That’s just artificially inflating numbers. This isn’t genuine growth.

  14. Aptos setting a new L1 record is a significant milestone. It’s great to see such progress in the blockchain space. Keep soaring! 🚀

  15. Maintaining steady gas fees is great, but I’d rather see Aptos supporting meaningful applications over a ‘tickling’ game. 🙄🤑

  16. Welcoming David Lawee to the team is a brilliant move! His experience with Google will surely bolster Aptos’s strategic vision.

  17. It’s easy to hit record transaction numbers when they’re driven by low-effort activities. Color me unimpressed.

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