Web3 Marketing Growth Hacks for OGs

The realms of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 technology have been expanding at a breathtaking pace. Initially, what began as a niche interest for fintech enthusiasts who employed blockchain to circumvent traditional financial systems has now evolved into a burgeoning industry. Regulatory bodies are attempting to impose controls, celebrities are providing endorsements, and significant investments are pouring in from major institutions. In this transformed landscape, the narrative and strategies used to attract new users to the Web3 space have likewise shifted dramatically over the last decade. Crafting a narrative for an industry that is still relatively young and constantly evolving presents unique challenges. How do you convey a compelling story about a technology that has little historical precedence? This question is particularly pertinent for those looking to market and grow within this space.

Amanda Cassatt, founder and CEO of Serotonin—a major Web3 marketing firm—offers valuable insights into how this can be achieved. Speaking at the Proof of Talk event in Paris, Cassatt, who previously served as Chief Marketing Officer at Consensys, shared her journey and strategies in building one of the most successful Web3 marketing entities. Her involvement in the industry dates back to 2015 when, as a founder in New York searching for a payment solution, she encountered an early Ethereum meetup. Despite the technical complexities, the enthusiasm and intelligence of the group convinced her of blockchain’s revolutionary potential.

Cassatt eventually realized that Web3 could serve as a “superior financial system,” offering alternatives to traditional financial systems that often impose limitations based on geographic origin. This epiphany spurred her decision to dive headfirst into the Web3 space. Recognizing that many early participants lacked the storytelling expertise vital for mass adoption, she took it upon herself to fill this gap, eventually shaping how Consensys communicated its mission and technologies.

The challenges of marketing in the early years (2015-2017) were considerable. Cassatt noted that platforms integral to digital marketing like Mailchimp, Google Ads, and Facebook’s Meta suite would not allow terms such as crypto, Bitcoin, or Ethereum. This restriction necessitated a shift away from conventional Web2 marketing tactics. Cassatt and her team had to focus on “owned” and “earned” media, leveraging event sponsorships and organic community-building instead of traditional paid advertising. This pivot not only helped them sidestep restrictions but also brought them back to their “growth hacker” roots, an approach Cassatt believes is indicative of the space’s maturation.

One of the most effective strategies employed by Consensys involved organizing networks of Ethereum meetup coordinators. Providing resources like pizza and beer, along with standardized presentation templates, helped local organizers promote Ethereum projects more efficiently. This tactic not only ensured consistent and engaging content but also distributed the workload, making it easier to scale their marketing efforts.

Cassatt likens this decentralized approach to creating an enthusiastic and organic community, akin to “plugging people into a system” that they are motivated to support. This method emphasizes empowering community members rather than relying solely on centralized initiatives, offering a sustainable model for community growth in Web3 and other sectors.

Cassatt advocates for startups to view themselves as niche media companies, producing content that serves as a reliable source of information in their respective fields. During her time at Consensys, she launched various newsletters that informed subscribers about Ethereum’s developments, transforming them into credible editorial resources rather than mere promotional tools.

For those entering the Web3 space, Cassatt highlights the importance of finding product-market fit. The high rewards associated with the crypto sector have attracted numerous innovators, leading to a proliferation of ideas but often lacking the discipline and experience seen in more traditional venture-funded tech startups. She advises aspiring entrepreneurs to rigorously test their ideas within their target audience and build momentum gradually. This iterative approach, involving feedback from initial users before expanding outward, ensures that startups can adapt and grow sustainably.

In sum, the fast-evolving Web3 space continually presents new challenges and opportunities. Effective storytelling, community-building, and innovative marketing strategies are essential for anyone looking to succeed in this dynamic industry.

Evaleen Dreher

Evaleen Dreher

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