Trezor Eases Self-Custody with New Wallet and Onboarding Sessions

Trezor, a leading provider of hardware cryptocurrency wallets, is addressing the usability challenges in the crypto space with a new onboarding service and a freshly designed hardware wallet. The company has recently unveiled Trezor Expert, a one-on-one personalized onboarding service tailored for users seeking additional guidance to set up their self-custodial crypto wallets correctly and securely.

Self-custodial wallets, which allow users to manage their own private keys, are crucial for the growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They offer benefits such as enhanced privacy and security. While custodial wallets provided by entities like Coinbase offer convenience, they typically mean users don’t have direct control over their crypto assets. With Trezor Expert, the company aims to bridge the knowledge gap for users venturing into self-custody by ensuring a seamless and error-free setup.

Trezor Expert sessions are available for purchase at $99 through Trezor’s official website. These sessions were officially launched on June 14, as announced by Trezor CEO Matej Zak during the BTC Prague 2024 event. Zak emphasized that Trezor Expert helps customers to not only correctly configure their hardware wallets but also delve deeper into security considerations related to self-custody, including private key management and safe online practices.

According to Zak, this specific service had been in the conceptual stages for three years, and it was only recently that the company had the capacity to bring it to fruition. This strategic move underscores Trezor’s commitment to fostering a better understanding of self-custody among its users, thereby enhancing their confidence in managing their cryptocurrency assets.

Simultaneously, Trezor has introduced a new hardware wallet named Trezor Safe 5. This new device boasts upgraded security features, including an EAL 6+ certified secure element and user-friendly additions like a color touchscreen and Trezor Touch haptic engine. One of the noteworthy innovations in the Trezor Safe 5 is a new 20-word recovery seed backup process, which replaces the traditional 12 or 24-word seed phrases. This process enhances security through an advanced multi-share Shamir backup system, enabling secure access even if a private key is lost.

The Trezor Safe 5 adds to Trezor’s existing product lineup, which also includes the Trezor Model One, Trezor Model T, and Trezor Safe 3. Each of these models is designed to cater to different user needs. Trezor Safe 5, priced at $169 and available for preorder, targets users seeking the highest level of security and effortless usability, positioning itself as the ultimate hardware wallet for everyday crypto utility.

In line with its dedication to catering to diverse user preferences, Trezor has also rolled out a new Bitcoin-only option. This variant of Trezor Safe 3 and Trezor Safe 5 excludes non-Bitcoin features and code, providing a streamlined, Bitcoin-exclusive experience. This move reflects Trezor’s acknowledgment of varying preferences among crypto users, particularly Bitcoin maximalists.

Trezor CEO Zak clarified that the Bitcoin-only Trezor wallet maintains the same high level of security as the multi-crypto versions. He emphasized that the security protocols are uniform across all devices, but the Bitcoin-only model caters specifically to users who prefer not to deal with other cryptocurrencies.

Trezor’s latest initiatives, including the Trezor Expert onboarding service and the feature-rich Trezor Safe 5 hardware wallet, represent significant steps towards making cryptocurrency self-custody more accessible and secure for users. As the company continues to innovate and cater to diverse user requirements, it reinforces its position as a leader in the hardware wallet sector, committed to enhancing user experience and security in the crypto world.

Ravi Marable

Ravi Marable

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