Surging Popularity of Tokenized Real-World Assets

This year, the market for real-world assets (RWAs) has seen significant growth, reaching a total value locked (TVL) of $8 billion. This figure excludes stablecoins that don’t yield returns. In the realm of blockchain, RWAs that have been tokenized include private equities, real estate, government securities, commodities, and other financial obligations. The allure of tokenized RWAs in decentralized finance (DeFi) began to surge in popularity when traditional finance bond yields outpaced the generally low-risk DeFi yields during the bearish phase from 2022 to 2023.

The aggressive interest rate hikes by the United States Federal Reserve made U.S. Treasury yields competitive enough to contend with DeFi stablecoin yields, despite their relatively lower risk profile. By June 13th, the three-month average yield on a one-year Treasury bill was between 5% and 5.24%. In comparison, Aave’s annual percentage returns on stablecoins varied between 3.73% and 7.46%. This landscape encouraged various protocols to adapt by offering tokenized U.S. Treasurys and private loans within blockchain ecosystems.

In early June, the average annual percentage yield for such tokenized private loans stood at 9.57%. As the crypto market began its recovery in 2024, driven by renewed institutional interest, the total value locked (TVL) for RWA projects swelled to an impressive $8 billion. This rejuvenation in the market saw even traditional asset management giants like BlackRock stepping into the space. BlackRock launched its BUIDL fund, which quickly amassed a market cap of $180 million at its inception and has since grown to $462.27 million, capturing a significant 30% market share in tokenized U.S. Treasurys. This achievement enabled BlackRock to surpass Franklin Templeton’s Benji Investments fund, which had long been the leading player.

The growth of the RWA market is not just evident in metrics like TVL but also in the performance of associated tokens. In May, RWA tokens saw a remarkable 55.20% rise and a staggering 224.57% year-to-date increase. Key contributors to this growth include TrueFi, Ondo, Dusk, Clearpool, and TokenFi, which have propelled the market forward.

To assess the risk-adjusted performance of these RWA tokens over the year, Research implemented Sharpe ratios, a measure of excess return per unit of risk, based on daily returns from January 1 to May 31. The calculated Sharpe ratios were as follows: Ondo at 4.78, TokenFi at 2.66, TrueFi at 1.88, Dusk at 1.4, and Clearpool at 0.4. For context, the Sharpe ratios for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) were 1.37 and 1.36, respectively, revealing a competitive edge for the RWA tokens except for Clearpool.

When the returns of RWA tokens were computed using a risk-free rate derived from the daily annual yield of a one-year Treasury bill, it was found that all tokens, except Clearpool, offered a higher risk-adjusted return compared to a BTC/ETH portfolio. This portfolio had an average Sharpe ratio of 1.37 for the same period. The superior Sharpe ratios for RWA tokens suggest a more favorable balance of risk and return for short-term trades, and their raw price performance has surpassed that of the BTC/ETH portfolio, with the exception of Clearpool.

Notably, Ondo Finance has delivered the most substantial returns, achieving a year-to-date gain of 461.62% alongside the highest Sharpe ratio of 4.776. This impressive performance can be attributed to the launch of new products on its platform, such as the U.S. Government Bond Fund (OUSG), a tokenized derivative of BlackRock’s U.S. Treasurys ETF, which focuses on short-term U.S. Treasurys. Ondo also made strategic moves by expanding to the Solana blockchain and offering instant investment and redemption options.

As of June 13, Ondo has solidified its position as the third-largest issuer of tokenized U.S. Treasurys, marking a significant milestone. This period of growth and diversification showcases the evolving landscape of the RWA market and its increasing integration with blockchain technology.

Dwaine Reavis

Dwaine Reavis

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