P2P.org and OKX Forge Partnership for Institutional Staking

Institutional staking firm and validator P2P.org has partnered with the OKX exchange to introduce crypto staking services tailored for institutional clients. This initiative is part of P2P’s staking-as-a-business model (SaaB), which offers business clients high-grade staking services across various assets such as Polkadot (DOT), Kusama (KSM), Celestia (TIA), and Cardano (ADA). Representatives from P2P shared with that staking with OKX allows eligible users to enjoy an annual percentage rate (APR) without the complexities of setting up new nodes. They highlighted that a steep learning curve, significant time requirements, and the high costs associated with running a node are major barriers preventing institutions from leveraging the benefits of digital asset yields.

In an effort to expand its footprint, P2P.org achieved a significant milestone in April by hitting $7.5 billion in total value locked (TVL). Concurrently, the firm rolled out its “staking-as-a-business” model, which seeks to lower entry barriers for institutional clients. Alex Esin, CEO of P2P.org, mentioned to that their goal is to help institutional products either establish or boost their staked assets. According to Esin, staking should ideally contribute at least 10% to the total revenue, with a target of reaching 20%.

Innovative models like P2P’s SaaB, along with crypto exchange-traded products and ETFs, are gaining traction among institutional investors and traditional financial institutions. These models offer institutional players an avenue to access crypto markets without needing to acquire in-depth technical expertise in digital assets. CoinShares’ recent “Digital Asset Fund Flows” report highlighted that inflows into crypto exchange-traded funds and products surged to $2 billion in May 2024, bringing the capital invested so far this year to over $15 billion.

Institutional interest in cryptocurrencies has seen a resurgence, particularly following the approval of a spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETF in the United States. Major asset managers, including BlackRock, have started offering BTC exposure to their clients, which has sparked renewed institutional interest in digital asset investments. This enthusiasm is not confined to digital sectors alone; it has also impacted other financial domains where pension fund managers are broadening their investment portfolios by incorporating Bitcoin.

A recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission revealed that the State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB), which manages Wisconsin’s state pension system, holds approximately 2.4 million shares of BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) and over 1 million shares of Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), amounting to a combined investment of $164 million into Bitcoin.

The entry of such substantial institutional players into the crypto market signifies a broader acceptance and integration of digital assets into traditional investment portfolios. This trend is reflective of an evolving financial landscape where digital assets are becoming an integral part of institutional strategy. The movement towards institutional staking and diversified digital asset investments underscores the significant shift toward recognizing the potential benefits of cryptocurrencies in enhancing revenue streams.

P2P.org’s attempt to streamline crypto staking for institutions could very well pave the way for further institutional engagement in digital assets. By offering solutions that bypass technical complexities and reduce operational costs, P2P.org makes it easier for institutional clients to participate in the burgeoning crypto staking industry.

The increasing convenience and accessibility of institutional-grade crypto products suggest a bright future for digital asset investments. Institutions are likely to continue diversifying into cryptocurrencies, driven by new financial products, strategic partnerships, and regulatory advancements that make these investments more attractive and viable.

Pieter Kellerman

Pieter Kellerman

38 thoughts on “P2P.org and OKX Forge Partnership for Institutional Staking

  1. Wisconsin’s state pension system investing in Bitcoin? This is highly irresponsible and risky with taxpayer money. ⚠️📉

  2. Crypto ETF and staking might look attractive now, but don’t ignore the volatility and unpredictable market shifts.

  3. Not feeling confident about this partnership with OKX . Crypto staking is still too risky for institutional clients, even with high-grade services.

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  5. High-grade staking services? More like high-risk! Institutional clients should tread carefully.

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  15. Crypto investments by institutional players might signal broader acceptance, but I doubt its long-term viability and security. 🚫💔

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  19. I’m skeptical about the sustainability of the staking-as-a-business model. Institutions might face huge losses while chasing these high yields.

  20. Crypto staking without the hassle of setting up nodes? Thank you, P2P.org and OKX! This is a big win for institutions.

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