Hacker Shifts $4.3M to Tornado Cash

The individual behind the $4.3 million exploit against Remilia in March successfully moved the pilfered crypto assets through the crypto mixer Tornado Cash. On June 17, CertiK, a blockchain analysis firm, revealed that 1,209.5 Ether (ETH), equivalent to roughly $4.3 million, had been funneled into Tornado Cash. CertiK’s investigation identified multiple addresses tied to the Remilia exploit on March 16 as the source of these funds. Remilia is a DAO responsible for the Milady Maker NFT collection.

The stolen crypto assets were funneled into the mixing service around three months following the breach at Remilia. On the day of the exploit, March 16, Remilia’s and Milady’s founder, Krishna Okhandiar, also known by the pseudonym Charlotte Fang, reported being hacked. Significant transfers of ETH and NFTs to a particular wallet were noticed, followed by the liquidation of these assets. An entity known as Dumpster DAO on X highlighted the incident, showcasing the Remilia founder’s announcement about the hack through a screenshot and disclosing the wallet address that received the assets from Remilia-affiliated wallets.

Further blockchain analysis revealed that the wallet address in question liquidated the NFTs linked to Milady, including staked NFTx assets. $1 million in ETH was moved to another address. The sequence of events was meticulously tracked and documented, cementing the connection between the hacked assets and their final destination.

Two days after the exploit, an event unrelated to the fraud but connected by theme unfolded on the Solana network. A new memecoin, intended to honor Milady NFTs, held a successful presale. On March 18, the token named Milady Wif Hat (LADYF), inspired by the dog-themed memecoin Dog Wif Hat (WIF), managed to pull in 91,486 Solana (SOL), valued at $18.7 million, just a couple of hours post-announcement. Due to the overwhelming response and oversubscription, the team behind the presale assured that they would refund any extra SOL they received.

In the ensuing period, the value of the memecoin dropped, hitting a fresh all-time low of $0.00001703 on June 14. Despite its initial success, the token’s market performance declined significantly. Throughout this time, the creators of the memecoin made it clear on their website that they had no affiliation with Charlotte Fang or the Milady Maker NFT project.

Their website statement emphasized that the memecoin was merely a tribute to the NFT collection that they admired and wanted to recognize. They underlined that there were no direct ties to the hacked assets or the individuals responsible for the original NFT collection, distancing themselves from the controversy surrounding the exploit.

The situation with Remilia and the Milady Maker NFTs has brought to light the vulnerabilities in the world of decentralized finance and the implications of such large-scale blockchain exploits. It also underscores the complex interplay between technological innovation and security, as well as the risks inherent in both.

In such a volatile environment, stakeholders in the crypto ecosystem must remain vigilant about security protocols and potential exploits while navigating the evolving landscape of digital assets and blockchain technology.

Gerty Jacobs

Gerty Jacobs

38 thoughts on “Hacker Shifts $4.3M to Tornado Cash

  1. How can anyone feel safe investing in NFTs now? This exploit is a huge red flag

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  15. Phenomenal tracking and documentation by CertiK! Blockchain analysis is an art.

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