Crypto Chief Departs SEC After 9 Years

David Hirsch, who served as the chief of the crypto assets division at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has officially stepped down from his role. On June 17, Hirsch took to LinkedIn to publicize his departure after contributing nearly nine years to the regulatory body. He began his journey with the SEC as a staff attorney and gradually rose through the ranks.

Reflecting on his tenure at the SEC, Hirsch expressed immense pride in the accomplishments of the agency’s Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit. He stated that his final day at the SEC was marked by a deep sense of fulfillment, given the complex and challenging nature of the issues he tackled. Hirsch began his career with the SEC in the Fort Worth Regional Office, where he confronted unforeseen challenges and honed his skills.

Hirsch attributed much of his success to the collaborative environment fostered at the SEC. He extended his gratitude to his mentors, leaders, and colleagues who offered unwavering support throughout his career. He also acknowledged the invaluable partnerships formed with state, federal, and international regulators and law enforcement agencies, which played a crucial role in his professional development.

The departing official emphasized that securities enforcement is fundamentally a “team sport.” He highlighted that the collective efforts of his colleagues were instrumental in achieving the agency’s goals. While Hirsch admitted that leaving the SEC was a difficult decision, he expressed excitement for the new challenges that lie ahead.

Though he has not disclosed his next professional move, Hirsch mentioned that he plans to take a break before diving into his next endeavor. He indicated that he looks forward to spending quality time with his family and traveling before his son heads to college in the fall. Hirsch’s announcement has sparked curiosity about his future plans, yet he remains tight-lipped for now.

Starting as an enforcement attorney at the SEC in 2015, Hirsch demonstrated exceptional competence, eventually leading to his appointment as the chief of the agency’s crypto asset and cyber units in October 2022. His nearly nine-year journey with the SEC has been marked by significant milestones and a commitment to regulatory enforcement.

During his almost nine years at the SEC, Hirsch worked on a myriad of complex and high-stakes investigations. His dedication and expertise played a pivotal role in the agency’s efforts to regulate and enforce securities laws in the burgeoning crypto and cyber sectors.

As Hirsch bids farewell to the SEC, his departure leaves a notable void in the agency’s Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit. His legacy of dedication, collaboration, and regulatory excellence will continue to inspire his colleagues and the industry at large.

Minerva Mizelle

Minerva Mizelle

42 thoughts on “Crypto Chief Departs SEC After 9 Years

  1. David, thank you for your tireless efforts and contributions at the SEC. Your work in crypto and cyber regulations has been phenomenal. Onwards and upwards!

  2. David, your dedication at the SEC has paved the way for future leaders in crypto regulation. Here’s to new adventures and continued success! 🌟🎉

  3. Taking a break and spending time with family is great, but we need strong leadership at the SEC NOW.

  4. Bravo, David! Your leadership has left a lasting impact at the SEC. Best wishes for the next chapter of your professional journey!

  5. Didn’t expect Hirsch to bow out just as the crypto sector needs robust regulation. Disappointed.

  6. Couldn’t he wait until some of the current issues are tackled? This exit feels premature.

  7. Ugh, bad move on Hirschs part. The SEC needs stability, not more turnover!

  8. David, your journey at the SEC has been nothing short of inspiring. Wishing you countless successes in your future endeavors! Enjoy your break! 🌟🙌

  9. David, your journey at the SEC has been exceptional. Heres to a bright future ahead filled with success and new challenges!

  10. Your dedication at the SEC, David, has been truly commendable. Best wishes for the next exciting step in your career!

  11. His departure leaves a void? More like a black hole. Were in for a tough ride.

  12. David, what an outstanding career at the SEC! You’ve left big shoes to fill, and we can’t wait to see what you do next. Best of luck! 🎉👏

  13. David Hirsch stepping down? Talk about bad timing. Hope this doesnt mess up ongoing cases.

  14. 😠 Bad timing for David Hirsch to leave, given all the crypto chaos lately. Who’s going to fill those big shoes?! 😤

  15. David Hirsch, thank you for your incredible service at the SEC! Your leadership in the crypto assets division will be missed. Best of luck with what comes next!

  16. Thanks for your incredible contributions, David Hirsch! Your legacy at the SEC will inspire the industry for years to come. Enjoy your new beginnings!

  17. Nine years of impactful work at the SEC! Kudos to you, David Hirsch. Enjoy your time with family and the exciting adventures ahead!

  18. Great, just as things get heated in the crypto world, Hirsch decides to jet. Typical.

  19. So Hirsch is leaving a mess for someone else to clean up? Doesn’t sit right with me.

  20. David Hirsch’s transition marks the end of an era at the SEC. His dedication and success will always be remembered. Here’s to a bright future ahead! 🌟👏

  21. Kudos on your incredible journey with the SEC, David! Your leadership and expertise have been game-changing. Best of luck on your next adventure!

  22. Congratulations on an amazing career at the SEC, David! The crypto and cyber units thrived under your leadership. Enjoy your well-deserved break! 🚀🙌

  23. David’s leadership at the Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit will definitely be remembered! Take a well-deserved break, and we cant wait to see what you’ll tackle next.

  24. David Hirsch, you’ve been an inspiration at the SEC. Here’s to new beginnings and endless possibilities. Enjoy your well-earned time off! 🌟🎉

  25. Seriously? Hes bailing out just when we need strong leadership the most. Disappointing.

  26. Congratulations, David Hirsch! Your tenure at the SEC has been nothing short of spectacular. Excited to see what you accomplish next!

  27. Wishing David Hirsch all the best in his next chapter! Your impact at the SEC is monumental, and your leadership will be greatly missed.

  28. David, your outstanding work at the SEC has made a significant impact. Wishing you an exciting and fulfilling next chapter!

  29. Cheers to David Hirsch for an exemplary career at the SEC. Your contributions to crypto and cyber regulations have been invaluable! Enjoy your time off! ☀️👏

  30. David Hirsch, you’ve been a true rockstar at the SEC! ✨ Your hard work and dedication will surely be missed. Best of luck on your next journey! 🌟

  31. Hats off to David Hirsch for a remarkable career at the SEC. Your work has truly shaped the crypto and cyber regulatory landscape. Enjoy your time with family!

  32. Not thrilled with Hirsch stepping down, especially at such a crucial time for crypto regulation. This is a huge loss for the SEC.

  33. I can’t believe Hirsch is stepping down. Doesn’t he see how much work needs to be done?

  34. What a legacy, David Hirsch! Your time at the SEC has set a standard of excellence. Enjoy your break and the exciting journey ahead!

  35. Wow, leaving right when regulation is needed the most in crypto. Big mistake, IMO.

  36. Cheers to an incredible career at the SEC, David Hirsch! Your work in the crypto and cyber units has set a high standard. Enjoy the next phase!

  37. David, your nearly nine years at the SEC have been extraordinary. Wishing you the best in your future endeavors and a peaceful break in between. 🌟🍀

  38. A heartfelt thank you, David Hirsch, for your unwavering commitment and exceptional leadership at the SEC. Your legacy will inspire many!

  39. The SEC’s loss is yet to be someone else’s tremendous gain. David, you’ve set a high bar in the regulatory space. Congrats on a stellar career! 💼🌟

  40. David, your contributions at the SEC have left an indelible mark. Thank you for your service and dedication to regulatory excellence! Wishing you all the best! 🌟👏

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