BNB Chain Hard Fork Cuts Fees

The BNB Chain has initiated its Haber hard fork, which brings forth BNB Evolution Proposal (BEP)-336 to enhance data storage and processing efficiencies on the network. Announced on June 20, the blockchain network successfully activated this hard fork, touting a significant 90% reduction in blockchain fees. BEP-336, inspired by Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP)-4844, facilitates blob-carrying transactions, thus making the verification process more efficient.

The implementation of BEP-336 is expected to drastically cut layer-2 costs on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) by 90%. According to BNB Chain, the fees associated with its optimistic rollup layer-2 solution, opBNB, will drop to about $0.0001 as a result of this update. This new approach alleviates the need for transactions to be individually verified within a block and instead verifies them within an attached blob. This blob acts as a temporary memory unit capturing large data segments.

Although BEP-336 takes cues from Ethereum’s EIP-4844, BNB Chain emphasized that it is uniquely adapted for the BSC network. Blobs in the BSC system are exclusively managed by the BSC client, and the pricing strategy is distinct as well. Unlike Ethereum’s mechanism that involves burning the base fee within blobs, BSC does not follow a burning protocol for the base fee.

The new update is also projected to have a favorable impact on BNB Greenfield, a decentralized storage solution. BNB Chain revealed that Greenfield would benefit from enhanced decentralized storage and data management through “BlobHub,” a new data archive layer. This adjustment will optimize data storage for decentralized applications (DApps) and layer-2 networks.

In parallel with the activation of the Haber hard fork, BNB’s native cryptocurrency, BNB, has attained a new all-time high. On June 6, the price of BNB tokens hit a peak at $717.48. A correction occurred by June 18, bringing the price down to $579. Presently, BNB is trading at approximately $605.

The significant rise in BNB’s price in early June outperformed the broader crypto market during the same period. While the overall crypto market experienced a modest increase of 4.2%, BNB surged by 19%. Despite this impressive performance, traders remain skeptical about the rally’s sustainability and are closely monitoring indicators that could sustain the momentum.

Adding momentum to BNB’s market movement, the network’s new fee-reducing update might play a crucial role in maintaining investor interest and confidence. As the BNB Chain continues to roll out improvements and optimize processes, the broader implications for the blockchain’s functionality and cost-efficiency can further influence market dynamics.

This update highlights the ongoing innovations within the blockchain space aimed at improving the scalability and efficiency of networks. Such upgrades can also have ripple effects on associated decentralized applications and secondary networks, making these platforms more attractive for developers and users alike.

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Philis Zurita

Philis Zurita

41 thoughts on “BNB Chain Hard Fork Cuts Fees

  1. Incredible! Cutting fees by 90% will make the BNB Smart Chain even more attractive for developers and traders alike.

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  20. This is amazing news for BNB Chain! The 90% reduction in fees will definitely benefit all users. 🚀📉

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