APhone Unveils Hybrid Web2-Web3 DApp Store

The dynamics between app distribution platforms and developers have been contentious, primarily due to hefty sales fees and restrictive policies that limit alternative distribution channels. These challenges have prompted numerous startups to target solutions that cater to developers’ needs, especially within the Web3 sector, where regulatory uncertainty may intensify these issues.

William Peckham, the Chief Business Officer of APhone—a decentralized, cloud-based smartphone—highlighted a significant concern: Centralized app stores such as Google Play and iOS AppStore are increasingly featuring fraudulent cryptocurrency applications. According to Peckham, these centralized platforms prioritize revenue from listings over security, rendering them unsafe.

In response to this issue, APhone, developed by Aethir, is introducing a decentralized app store. This new platform, called AppNest, will integrate traditional applications with blockchain-based solutions. APhone intends to list well-known crypto applications such as Binance, OKX, Phantom, MetaMask, Bitget Wallet, and Uniswap, alongside popular Web2 apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, and ChatGPT on AppNest.

AppNest aims to offer developers a free and open environment, yet not without stringent due diligence measures. To combat fraudulent applications, developers will be required to meet various assessment criteria, which include evaluations of their team and the development stage of their product. “We have a strict vetting process for Web3 applications. All the partners will have to go through a due diligence process,” Peckham elaborated.

Other similar platforms have emerged in the past. One such example is Aptoide, an open-source Android app platform. Although Aptoide does not exclusively focus on decentralized applications, it does host several Web3 apps, including crypto wallets and Bitcoin-related widgets.

The APhone team hopes to distinguish itself from its competitors by offering features that appeal to Web3 enthusiasts. Users can earn token rewards by writing app reviews, participating in beta testing, and engaging in daily app usage. Content creators and developers may receive tips for their valuable contributions or community engagement.

APhone’s platform plans to incorporate decentralized finance (DeFi) capabilities. This integration will enable holders of its native token to partake in lending, borrowing, and earning interest through DeFi platforms. Peckham stated, “We are giving users a complete ‘outside the box’ experience — moving beyond the conventional hardware requirements and reach of traditional gatekeepers.”

Alongside APhone, other companies are exploring the fusion of decentralized infrastructure with on-chain solutions. One such entity is the Helium protocol, which employs a decentralized wireless network. This network utilizes devices known as Helium Hotspots to establish a peer-to-peer network, functioning similarly to mini cell towers.

Dwaine Reavis

Dwaine Reavis

34 thoughts on “APhone Unveils Hybrid Web2-Web3 DApp Store

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