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EngageBtc Vip

Benifits Of EngageBtc VIP

1.Your username will be shown in a custom green colour to stand out from all members on the forum.
2. You will get a custom userbar image showing that you are VIP. This will be shown on your profile page as well as in all your posts or threads.
3. Can change username unlimited amount of times anytime you would like.
4. Can add custom user titles anytime to be able to stand out from other members on the community.
5. Can give +2 or -2 Rep instead of +1 or -1
6. Can give 10 rep a day instead of 5
7. Will be shown in our VIP/Donators list for everyone to see Below on this page.
8.Will have access to a VIP only board that regular members can not see.

How To Become Vip On EngageBtc

If you are interested in becoming a VIP member of EngageBtc please contact Rob and make a minimum donation of .2 BTC. All donations go towards the community in the way of server hosting, advertisements, sourced out work, secuirty ect.Rob can be contacted by live chat, personal message or email at [email protected]

VIP Members Of EngageBtc

JIM - 1.275 BTC