» Looking For Admins & Advertisers
Posted by: rob - 06-22-2014 01:33 PM - Replies (1)

Hey guys I see no one been on managing the forum the last 24 hours.

I have not been in touch with any of my admins for about 2 days and I know one is gone away camping.

I have had a some family issues arise yesterday that will leave me busy taking care of family issues to some time Monday or Tuesday.

I will be on and off but have limited connection. I will be making a post tonight to build a new team to help run the forum and advertising platforms to ensure this will not happen again.

If you think you would make a good admin or advertiser please insure you are active and have posts on your account. I also ask that all admins and advertisers have Skype to be able to communicate.

I will make the topic tonight for members to apply as admins or advertisers and explaining the positions more.

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» Man Becomes Human Billboard to Raise Money for Crypto Startup
Posted by: rob - 06-15-2014 02:43 AM - No Replies

Pay Me To Get A Bitcoin Tattoo

[Image: 284_18790486079_6637_n.jpg]

Total BTC To Be Earned:3 BTC
Total BTC Earned So Far 0 BTC

About Me

Hello My name is Rob and I am the owner of the bitcoin/altcoin website EngageBtc.com I have been online working with domains and coding for the past 10 years and find it to be the consumer of my life.I currently have about 46 tattoos and I am looking to get a few more. I thought of a idea where I could get a bitcoin or altcoin tattoo as it could really help to promote or boost a company's exposer.

About The Tattoo

OK So I would be willing to get a bitcoin or Altcoin tattoo on my arm or chest for a price.The size of the tattoo will be determined on how much money I raise. The way it will work is I will leave this topic open for 2 weeks well people can send BTC to the pot and at the end the person who pays the most will get to pick the tattoo, the location and choose what company or who I announce I am doing this for.

About The Exposer And Advertising

This tattoo can be used for social media exposer for a viral advertising campaign and I will Also help with that as well. I currently own the crypto currency  website EngageBtc.com with over 300+ members and 10,000+ page views a day. I also own a twitter account with over 6000 active followers , Facebook account with over 2200 and use Reddit and other social networks as well. I will also contact my local news to see if I can have it  covered on there as well.

How Can You Trust Me

I am the owner of several community's online and take my rep very personal. For those that have a hard time trusting or believing this is true or that I would  take the money and not get the tattoo  I would be more then willing to use a trusted middle man or admin on this forum to hold the funds and set up a wallet until the tattoo process was finished.

What Is The Money For Why AM I Doing This

The money raised from this will be spent in 2 ways.The first being to pay for the actual tattoo that will be estimated at $300-$500.All other BTC raised from this will be put into my crypto currency community there for going right back into the markets we all are here for. I need more money to continue with future projects and advertising.

How To Get In On This Event

If you are interested in participating in this event simply send the amount of BTC you would like to contribute to the address in this thread and reply to the thread with the amount you sent and the transaction id.Any one who sends BTC or contributes will have there name or company listed in the advertising campaign. The biggest contributor will be the one who decides what I get a tattoo of and where I get it.
Come Chat With Me

I invite anyone who would like to chat to come visit http://cryptoinfinity.com I am one of the owners there and spend minimum usually 8 hours of day on the site. There is a live chat there anyone is welcome to join and if I am online I would be happy to chat.

BTC Address To Contribute To


If you are interested and have any questions please ask

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» Banner Advertising Now Available
Posted by: rob - 06-09-2014 04:07 PM - No Replies

Banner Advertising Now Available

[Image: f92690667f.png]

Hello EngageBtc.com is the fast growing bitcoin/altcoin crypto currency community. We have recently implemented a custom banner rotation script to the top of our community that will be displayed through out each page of our site.

About Our Community

Our community is only about 45 days old and currently has 307 Members and is growing fast. Our site currently receives between 5000-8000 daily page views and is ranked 343,390 in the world out of more then 50 million domains. We have a very active Twitter account with over 6000 followers and over 2000 on our Facebook account. We also use Reddit and a few other social networks as this is how we generate most of our traffic to the site.  

About The Advertisement Plan

Currently we are only selling 1 month plans. Meaning you will get your ad live on our site for one month. The ad will be placed into the banner rotation script being rotated fairly. This is by far a good deal as being the advertisement system is being released here chances are your ad will be live most of the time as there is a 15 second banner rotation interval. Due to the fact we are doing 1 month plans rather then by impressions we think it is fair to set the price at 0.01BTC per month.

Ad Size & Price

We currently only accept one ad size of 728 x 90 Pixel Banner
The Price is 0.01BTC per Month

Site Your Banner Will Be Live On

How To Buy Advertisement Plan

If you are interested in buying a 1 month package please reply to this post with any questions you might have or send me a pm thanks.

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» [Update 5/27/2014] Coin Graphs/Revisions to Exchange Bar
Posted by: ~C~ - 05-27-2014 11:04 PM - Replies (1)

Hello Again,

I've just finished a new update to the website which I think some of you will enjoy. In the scrolling exchange bar at the top, click a coin to see a graph of the price changes for the current day.


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» [Update 5/24/2014] Revisions to Coin Exchange Price Bar
Posted by: ~C~ - 05-24-2014 11:51 PM - No Replies

Hello there!

This is just a short update thread to inform you of the recent changes to the live-exchange rate at the top of the site

- The design has been changed to blend in with the forum theme
- The font has been changed to a larger size
- [5/23] A bug with the colors showing was fixed

Additionally, the following coins were added to this list:

  • ZEIT
  • AC
  • BANK
  • METH
  • CTZ
  • GUN
  • XLB
  • PIG
  • BET
  • REDD
  • MAST

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» [Update 5/22/2014] Coin Exchange Price Bar
Posted by: ~C~ - 05-22-2014 10:57 PM - Replies (1)

Exchange Rate Price Bar

Hey guys! As you should have noticed (I hope) there's a new scrolling text banner at the top of the page with different crypto currencies and their current exchange rates. Most of you probably figured that out by looking at it, so here's the technical breakdown for you:

- The database updates every 60 seconds retrieving all current exchange rates + change amounts
- The bar at the top of the page re-syncs with the database every 30 seconds (values+colors change)

Color Key:
Red: The currency exchange value Decreased
[Image: 8XiPv.png]

Green: The currency exchange value Increased
[Image: 8XiRK.jpg]

White: The currency exchange value Did not change
[Image: 8XiTz.jpg]

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» [Bug 05/19/2014] New Thread Resolution
Posted by: ~C~ - 05-19-2014 09:24 PM - No Replies

Hey Guys,

As some of you noticed the website thread creation page has been having technical difficulties for the past few hours allowing a few people to create new threads and most others could not. This issue was due to a conflict between an implemented plugin and some custom "behind-the-scenes" code causing an error on the thread creation page.

Needless to say (as I'm creating a thread) the issue is resolved and should not reoccur.

If you notice any bugs feel free to let us know

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» It's Saturday!! 20k Dogecoin & 250k Bunnycoin Giveaway
Posted by: rob - 05-17-2014 10:32 AM - Replies (1)

It's Saturday!! 20k Dogecoin & 250k Bunnycoin Giveaway

That is right it's the weekend and were going to be holding some free give aways today and tonight on the chat. All you need to do is register and have a doge and bunny coin wallet to accept coins. We will be giving away 20k in doge coins tonight for free as well as 250k in bunny coins.

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» Bunnycoin Makes 6 Million BUN coin Donation To EngageBtc
Posted by: rob - 05-17-2014 01:28 AM - No Replies

Bunnycoin Make 5 Million BUN Donation To Crypto Currency Community

Bunnycoin or BUN has made a 6 Million bunny coin donation to our community tonight. We would like to thank Bunnycoin for helping to support our community and would like to give back by doing a number of bunny coin give aways. I have listed all the bunny coin information below so you can download the BUN wallet to receive coins from the give away. We will also be implementing BUN into our award,upgrade and donation payment system.

[Image: ?u=http%3A%2F%2Fbunnycoin.org%2Fwp-conte...OIaw_3LJjQ]

Windows Wallet Download: http://bunnycoin.org/windows-download
MAC Wallet Download: http://bunnycoin.org/mac-download
LINUX Wallet Download: http://bunnycoin.org/linux-download

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bunnycoin

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bunnycoin

Website: http://http://bunnycoin.org/

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» Community Upgrades & User Groups Now For Sale
Posted by: rob - 05-09-2014 05:14 PM - No Replies

Community Upgrades & User Groups Now For Sale

What Is A User Group
User groups are what all the members and guests of the forum are organized in.For example admins, moderators, and members are all user groups.

What User Groups Are There

[Image: owner.png]
Owner Of the forum - Only Forum Owners Will Have This Member Group

[Image: admin.png]
Administrators of the forum - All Forum Admins Will Have This Member Group.Do Not Ask To Be Admin.All Admins Will Be Hand Picked From The Application Process From Time To Time.

[Image: mod.png]
Moderators of the forum. - All Forum Moderators Will Have This Member Group.Do Not Ask To Be A Moderator.All Moderators Will Be Hand Picked From The Application Process From Time To Time.

[Image: support.png]
Supporters Of EngageBtc - This Member Group Is Given To The Most Active And Dedicated Members Of The EngageBtc Community, The Ones That Go Above And Beyond.

[Image: ban.png]
Banned Members - All Banned Members Will Be Given This Member Group

[Image: warrior.png]
Crypto Warrior - All Members Are Eligible To Upgrade From A Normal Member To A Crypto Warrior. There are a total of 3 upgraded memberships Crypto Warrior is level 1

[Image: master.png]
Crypto Master - All Members Are Eligible To Upgrade From A Normal Member To A Crypto Master. There are a total of 3 upgraded memberships Crypto Master is level 2

[Image: elite.png]
Crypto Elite - All Members Are Eligible To Upgrade From A Normal Member To A Crypto Elite. There are a total of 3 upgraded memberships Crypto Elite is level 3

How To Upgrade Your Account

The first step to upgrading your account is to click the user cp at the top of the forums as shown in this image.
[Image: up.png]

Once In the User CP Click The MySubscriptions Button On The Left As Seen below
[Image: upp.png]

Once you have clicked the mysubscriptions button you will be able to choose the upgrade you want and go from there.

Why Are We Selling Upgrades
We are selling upgraded accounts for a number of reasons. The biggest being that we are a free to join non profit community, We do not ask people for money but we do have upgrade and donation award options that all funds go back into the community. Running a community can be expensive when it comes to the time spent on the community, advertising, server costs , security and DDos protection costs, Give away funds and more the costs start to add up quick.Because of the rising costs it take to run a community is the reason we decided to offer upgraded memberships.

Member Groups For sale Investment Opportunity

We will Also be selling in total 5 Member Groups. Once the member groups are sold there will never be any more for sale again. The member or members who buy a member group will have the option to change and customize the member group name and image at any time.They will also have the power to accept and deny members into there member group as well as charge a small fee for members to get into the member group. As time proceeds the forum will grow driving the value of the member groups up and they can be sold between members at any time. Owners of member groups will also get there own member group forum with moderator access. The price per Member group will be a total of $200 per group. If your interested in buying a member group please contact me by pm.
Well that about sums everything up member group wise if any one has any questions, suggestions or comments please feel free to post them.

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