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Hello all!
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Hey everyone,

Well, I saw this site advertised over at BitCoinTalk, and since I'm currently playing your Dice game (and winning, may I add, although probably not for long! Tongue) I thought it would be just common courtesy to join up to the forum and hang out with you guys.

So yeah, I'm Tom, 24 years old from south-east England and DogeCoin really is my first *big* venture into the CyrptoCurrency world. Oh and I love to gamble so expect to see tens of thousands of bets from me on the Dice game over the coming weeks. Smile

Nice to meet you all!


Hey Tom welcome to the community glad to have you here. I am 27 and only got started in crypto currency myself about a year ago. The big difference from us and bitcointalk is we will not allow scammers on our forum bitcointalk will.

Good luck playing the dice site we are working on several new features as we speak.
Hi rob,

That's great to hear, mate. I am fed up of seeing people get scammed too often and am glad this site won't allow people to get away with it, if of course it does occur.

The dice is a great game, I'm already up a couple hundred Doge and apart from the intermittent lag issues it's working perfectly for me. Thanks again!


Hey there, welcome to the community! I too got into Crypto Currency through DOGE (mainly gambling aswell). See you on the dice site!

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