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Last Post Wins Doge! [Ended]
If you've never seen a Last Post Wins thread before, it's this: you post and no one else does, then you're last post, and you win!

Here's the spin, I set a random date and time (I'll show the timestamp after they end), and the last person who posted in this thread wins 2,000 DOGE!

Have fun!

Hey, MMH, whenever your ready for that addy, I'll collect my doge over here too. Mucho gracias amiga, it sure beats working for a living!  Tongue
Hopefully, I'll win!Tongue
(03-09-2015, 07:04 PM)CoinHD Wrote: Hopefully, I'll win!Tongue

Well, CoinHD....since it seems to be just me and you atm, I'll just claim my prize now....tyvm.  Wink
i hope i win ............:
much bucu!! Yah I'd take 2000 Doges im not too proud
Since I already banked 3 k Doge, I figured that I may as well be last, and bank another 2 k. Freebies are a beautiful thing. Big Grin
So I learned this method from my rotweiller.....he who sprinkles on the bush last wins!
I also used to have this game with my dog and we would stalk each other, one time i was mowing my lawn and shut it down to change the basket and i sensed someone was watching me and i turn around and here's my rot stalking me like a cougar....and then he stoppped and then it ends in attacking each other! Was so fun. But i took muay thai kickboxing and I used to think of things i would try live sparring and I decided to employ this stalking tactic. So I start stalking this guy by stalking in slow motion...and just like that element of surprise, when nobody knows what to do, that's when you attack, worked! had the guy covering up and walloping after stalking in slow motion! Then you move in! Element of surprise! never know unless you try.
This contest was set to end at Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 11:48:51 AM (countdown)

The last post at that time was btcmacroecon! Congrats, just get me your DOGE address, and I'll send out the 2,000 doge.


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