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King coin Faucet
Here's a link to a faucet for King coin: https://luckyalt.com/kingcoinfaucet/
It's for the LuckyAlt Dice game:
If you want to play with it you can use the address they give you to deposit. Otherwise you can use your own King address. I have no affiliation with the gambling site, but their faucet did pay out.
I had to use Internet Explorer instead of Chrome to get the captcha to pop up.

Edit: And I just checked and it's dry now, oh well, check back later, in case someone funds it.

Thanks for this MakingMoneyHoney - hopefully someone can get the bank rolling again.
Thanks for sharing
But this faucet is dry.... I hope to find another king faucet
is it still dry?
(12-25-2014, 12:34 AM)dito22 Wrote: is it still dry?

Yes, I don't think it even exists anymore. They took down the whole Dice site a few days ago, because they got hacked, I think, they lost some funds. I see their site is back up now, but they don't have King listed as a Dice game anymore. I don't know it they plan to add it back or not.

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