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KING coin
King's been left for Dead. Ignore this thread.

KING coin has been in ICO this week, if you've been to https://c-cex.com you've probably seen stuff about it. They're going into POW tonight.

The creator was giving away KING last night in the form of codes to get people excited about it.

If you go to My Assets -> Balance -> C-CEX codes you'll see where you can add them in.

They were giving the codes away last night 1 for 50 KING, then about 15 codes for 5 KING each. Some were 10 KING.

They said they'd do some more today. So just keep an eye out there on C-CEX, or in KING's chat room here.

Thanks for sharing, nothing is better then being FREE
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(12-10-2014, 01:25 PM)rob Wrote: Thanks for sharing, nothing is better then being FREE

Yup. I have no idea when they'll be at it again, but they said more today. They were there last night around midnight Eastern/11pm Central.

This is their countdown image til POW:

[Image: counter.gif]

They're in the chatroom, giving away free KING codes in 10-15 minutes: https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.freenode.net/#KingCoin

Edit: I suggest having the c-cex code redemption page open in a second browser window, for easier copying/pasting.


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