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Interview with Sahra Hall of Hashie.com
Hashie.co was launched just over a month ago by veteran Bitcoin miners. In a sea of seemingly ruthless hucksters charging exorbitant rates for cloud mining, the reasonable prices and unending free trial of Hashie are quite attractive. This reporter was able to get Hashie co-founder Sahra Hall to answer a few questions about the operation.

How are you able to offer a free miner to new customers? Is this marketing strategy paying off, IE, do many people seem to be purchasing miners as a result?

SH: It is indeed paying off. We used to have substantial abuse of the free miner offer, forcing us to require a purchase before the earnings can be withdrawn.

I can see how that might happen. How long have you folks been in the mining business? Is the equipment located near at hand? What would you do in the event of a fire, like the one that happened near Bangkok last month [October, 2014]?

SH: We've been mining since the days when Bitcoin-Qt came with a built in CPU miner, but Hashie only started a month ago.

No, we mine in places with the cheapest electricity / co-location costs. Some of our farms are insured (as per data center requirements), but in certain regions the cost [of insurance] makes it prohibitive to do so – it's a calculated risk for us.

How do you feel about alternative cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin, Worldcoin, Peercoin, and so forth? Are there plans to sell mining for them as well? In what ways do you feel you are most competitive with Ghash.io?

SH: We think some alternate cryptocurrencies are promising, but we believe Bitcoin will continue to dominate the cryptocurrency industry for the foreseeable future.

At this time, we only have plans to add Scrypt cloud mining.

Hashie's maintenance fee is only $0.002 per GH per day, which is almost half of CEX.IO.

Which coins do you think are promising?  What is the most profitable part of your business?

[Sahra declined to pick an AltCoin winner.]

SH: All aspects of our business (selling miners, the market, etc) are healthily profitable.

Do you think Bitcoin will ever hit $1,000USD again? How do you feel about the recent seizure of Bitcoins from black marketeers?

SH: I think Bitcoin definitely has the potential to hit four digits again. As Satoshi Nakamoto once said, "the swarm is headed towards us". Bitcoin works, and Bitcoin is attracting more venture capitalist investment than ever. This is reminiscent of the early internet which also had its share of bubbles, but eventually became something indispensable.

The recent operation against certain darknet sites can be seen in many ways. Bitcoin is no longer obscure and such responses are unavoidable as Bitcoin enters the mainstream. There are interesting technical questions about how the hidden services were identified, with speculation of weaknesses in the Tor system. This might result in implications for all the Bitcoin services that offer a hidden service, including us as we're looking into joining the ranks of Facebook and offering Hashie over Tor.
Thanks for sharing, Is there a source for the interview or a link to where you got it from. Would be nice if you included it in the post.
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I wrote this interview...

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