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Hello I am GamingOn
I am GamingOn I am a webmastery and I just recently got into bitcoins. I love bitcoins because they move in value all the time so it is fun to hold them. Some people don't know about them so I also share this information with my friends. I hope to see you all around the forums and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Remember doubling your bitcoins may sound easy but it is really not.
Welcome to the community GamingOn, Hope you become a active member around here as I got the privilege of talking to you a bit in chat and you would fit right in with the community here being that your a gamer, like Bitcoins and are easy to get along with. Glad to have you a part of the community.
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Welcome to the community GamingOn! Doubling your Bitcoins is actually easy, but you run the risk of losing them all at the same time Tongue
Retired Server Administrator - September 2014 to February 2015

Welcome to the community.
You're a tough competitor, I'll give you that.
Hope to see you around for more competitions.[Image: cool.gif]
Hey I'm new around here as well! It's never easy to double your coins that's for sure lol Welcome to the community! It seems like a great place we can all get together and talk crypto!

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