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Hash Ocean - Mining Contract - (Listed as Bad Site)
*Read the details, I see I have 30 days to "buy" something or my power goes away! I have to decide with cost benefit analysis and perhaps read up to make sure it's not a scam, you know the routine with cryptocurrency these days!!!https://hashocean.com/signup/?rid=167912Introductory promotion for new users with sign up for free mining contract. In order to access your earnings you eventually have to buy. Do a cost benefit analysis if it is worth it to you. I just signed up to check it out. If I don’t exceed what I am expected to pay, I won’t.Daily profit calculationEarned: 0.00010545 BTC
Current balance: 0.00011947 BTCHappy Mining!
Team HashOceanThe above profit calculation is from the 2nd day email they sent me. As you can see, that’s my balance from my free mining contract. I can’t get my hands on it until I pay Bitcoin, but when the amount in the bank exceeds what they are asking, I’ll do it, after some quick research first of course!!! FYI I just signed up this weekend. So not bad for 2 days just trickling in. Only effort I put into it was signing up an writing this!Day 3 profit calculation (skipped the first day, you get the picture….)Daily profit calculationEarned: 0.00010575 BTC
Current balance: 0.00022522 BTCHappy Mining!
Team HashOcean
"Hashocean.com This fake mining site has just sprung up. Russian origin. Please don't be fooled, it is a total scam. 28/02/2015"


Also talk of scam here: https://forum.gethashing.com/t/anyone-heard-of-hashocean-scam/1605/2

Please check badbitcoin.org before posting referrals.

Good find MMH
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