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HELP DESK FAQ: Posting for dummies
Lately I have been noticing that a few members have been half arsing on posts to try and boost their post count with little to no effort. Please guys, if you don't have anything worthwhile to add to a thread don't post at all. It is only taking our time away moderating & deleting one or two word replies, when that could instead be spent on improving the community. With that being said, I have decided to make this thread listing what is an acceptable post, and what isn't


Replying to threads with posts that add to the discussion


Replying to threads with one or two words
Going out of your way to post "good luck" on giveaway or competition threads
Posting silly questions that obviously show you haven't read the original post in that thread
Attempting to enter competitions that you don't have the requirements for

Thanks for posting this to clear things up, I have noticed allot of low quality post around here myself.
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Most of our members are generally okay, it's just a select few this is aimed at. To those of you who have been doing what was mentioned in my original post, if you notice your post count going down or some of your posts disappearing that is why.


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