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Guide Website Review?
I wanted to create a guide for newcomers to cryptocurrencies, so I created this site http://www.makingmoneyhoney.com.

Some people said the design of the first one was too old-fashioned, so I worked on a newer-looking design here: http://makingmoneyhoneybt.wix.com/whatscryptocurrency

Feel free to critique the design, which version do you like better? I'm also looking for any advice to make the guide better, anything in the guide that should be changed or added, etc.

Would you send a link to the site to someone you know in real life, who didn't know anything about cryptocurrencies so that they could get more information? Why or why not?

(Keep in mind the newer site doesn't have all the information yet, such as faucet links and information about the altcoins, I would need to copy/paste it from the older site still.)


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