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Game Categories
I've recently categorized the games. Please check them out, and let me know if you would like a category name changed, or a game to be moved to another category. The games can only be in one category at a time.

2015 EVENT GAMES (1)     - This is where the event games will be, in case you want to just go to the game center, and click on the category, instead of trying to find the thread with the link.

Arcade (158)     

Archery (9)   
Balance (9)   

 Billiards (Pool) (4)

Board Games (6)     

Bowling / Skee-ball (10)     

Casino & Gambling (5)     

Classic Action (Mario etc) (55)     

Darts (4)

Dice (3)     

Driving / Flying (31)     

Fishing (12)     

Game Shows (4)     

Golfing (27)

Gotta Go Far (9)   

 Hunting / Shooting Targets (31)     

Millitary (18)     

Miscellaneous (36)     

Racing (10)

Sports (115)  - These have been organized with their titles, so that Baseball, Basketball, etc games are together.

Thinking / Puzzles (27)   

 Work / Jobs (18)

Talk about dedication, nice work MMH!
(03-14-2015, 06:33 AM)Ryan Wrote: Talk about dedication, nice work MMH!

[font]Oh, I know you know how many games that was, lol. Like 32 pages of 20 games each to sort through. Took me about 4 days, doing it on and off. Hopefully other people appreciate it in the long run too. I think it makes it easier to find a games. I know I must have missed a few, just because the list was sooooo long when you're not clicking on a subsection of games.

And now, when you click on the sports section, you can search "Baseball" or "Basketball" and find all the games, even though they didn't use to have the sport in the title. [/font]

I saw you playing game after game and was wondering what was up with you MMH... either Administrative duties weren't enough or you were on drugs!Big Grin
Then I noticed the categories a couple of hours before you announced it and understood what you were doing.

It is certainly a lot easier to find whatever type of game we're looking for nowCool.
Yeah, I had to play the games to see what category to put them in, and then I also tested some that didn't have scores, to make sure they would save the scores. A lot of them saved scores, so that means I was the only one to have played them to the point of saving a score, lol.

I agree, I think this will be easier to find the games you fancy now. Big Grin
Here's a picture of them all, when you go to the game center, and scroll down:


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