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OK this is pretty cool and an easy way to start collecting a variety of cryptocurrencies in the WILD WEST!!! Rainbot and Sprinklebot are giving out FREE CRYPTO all the time! All you have to do is sign up (sign up link below – takes 25 seconds) and then go to the chatroom (after you sign up click on the link that says TRADE below) and from there Rainbot and Sprinklebot rain cryptos down on you – FREE!!! Then the coins go right to your own account that you set up. How cool is that? As long as you stay online in the chatroom, even if you leave the computer and go mow your lawn, the Rainbot and Sprinklebot will rain on you! These are exciting times in the cryptoeconomy. Get some!!

https://bleutrade.com/sign_up/8982 registration page

https://bleutrade.com/home/8982 main page

https://bleutrade.com/exchange/8982 trade page

Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange

UnobtaniumUnobtanium Faucet, click below – Free Unobtanium, test your wallet.



I had a friend tell me about Bleutrade and decided to give it a try for trading in cryptocurrency. I’ve tried several and normally trade at Bittrex. I want to challenge you to get an account set up so you can set up your own wallets (Bitcoin, Doge, Darkcoin, etc, or other alts including Unobtanium)

Here’s what I did. I set up an account at Bleutrade, gave them a User Name, Password, and wa la. I then went to my User Name in the upper right hand corner and clicked it (takes you to profile, my wallets, my orders, etc). I clicked on My Wallets (in order to generate a WALLET RECEIVE ADDRESS, mine is uQ9vjvCotUL24Hpk6PSB6rBmR5QfjCJ1r3 and I just generated it after setting up a new free account at Bleutrade). Was easy. Go to My Wallet, go to far right side and click the + and hit the drop down and click MAKE A DEPOSIT. Copy and paste the wallet address (and/or the QR Code) and you are done. Save that somewhere in file, in the cloud, social media etc. This is the easy way, to be secure and when you have enough you want better security with your own wallet QT, then make that bold move. But for now this is the easy way, my work around, and my advice to you in getting started.

I then inputted that uQ9vjvCotUL24Hpk6PSB6rBmR5QfjCJ1r3 into the RECEIVE ADDRESS portion of the Unobtanium Coin Faucet http://cryptap.us/uno/faucet/. I then clicked the box that said I AM NOT A ROBOT. I then got the Unobtanium sent directly to my Bleutrade Account in the Unobtanium Wallet. Done.

What I just explained is a very easy way to get a variety of wallet addresses without the hassle of downloading Wallet QT for 599 coins.

I challenge you to get going with cryptocurrency this way and start collecting these coins.

My friend also told me about the fact that Bleutrade PAYS it’s members on all fees collecting for every 4 hour trading session! You get Bleutrade shares so this is another reason to sign up. What do you have to lose? Try out some free faucets and an exchange to keep your coins. And this is how. Follow those steps, took me all of 3 minutes and I had a new exchange and new wallet for Unobtanium. Now try it with Bitcoin, Doge, Darkcoin, or whatever you want.

Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange

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