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Everything You Need To Know About Member Groups
Everything You Need To Know About Member Groups

What Is A User Group
User groups are what all the members and guests of the forum are organized in.For example admins, moderators, and members are all user groups.

What Are The Current User Groups ?

[Image: owner.png]
Owner Of the forum - Only forum owners will have this group.

[Image: communitymanager.png]
Community Manager - Will manage the admins & moderators on the community to ensure they are active and doing a good job.Train and hire admins to manage sections and features on the community.

[Image: admin.png]
Administrators of the forum - All forum administrators will have this member group. They are in charge of day to day operations on the community, and are generally in charge of moderators

Moderators of the forum. - All forum moderators will have this member group.Moderators are generally tasked with helping administrators run the community. Do not ask to be a moderator, moderators are hand picked by Administrators, the Community Manager and Owner.

[Image: support.png]
Supporters Of EngageBtc - This membergroup is given to those who are the most active on EngageBtc. They are often seen helping other members and assisting Administrators and Moderators.

[Image: writer.png]
Writer - Writers are tasked with writing about crypto currency news and writing reviews for the many popular crypto websites out there. Writers are hand picked by the EngageBtc staff.

[Image: banned.png]
Banned Members - All banned members will be placed in this membergroup.

Why Are We Selling Upgrades

We are selling upgraded accounts for a number of reasons. The biggest being that we are a free to join non profit community, We do not ask people for money but we do have upgrade and donation award options that all funds go back into the community. Running a community can be expensive when it comes to the time spent on the community, advertising, server costs , security and DDos protection costs, Give away funds and more the costs start to add up quick.Because of the rising costs it take to run a community is the reason we decided to offer upgraded memberships.

Member Groups For sale Investment Opportunity  

We will Also be selling in total 5 Member Groups. Once the member groups are sold there will never be any more for sale again. The member or members who buy the member groups will have the option to change and customize the member group name and image at any time.They will also have the power to accept and deny members into there member group as well as charge a small fee for members to get into the member group. As time proceeds the forum will grow driving the value of the member groups up and they can be sold between members at any time. Owners of member groups will also get there own member group forum with moderator access. The price per Member group will be a total of $200 per group. If your interested in buying a member group please contact me by pm.
Well that about sums everything up member group wise if any one has any questions, suggestions or comments  please feel free to post them.
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Thread has been updated with styling changes as a fair bit of the information listed was hard to read.
Retired Server Administrator - September 2014 to February 2015

i am sorry, i wanna ask about what criteria are getting banned?
(01-18-2015, 08:04 AM)paidjo7 Wrote: i am sorry, i wanna ask about what criteria are getting banned?

There are rules in almost every forum section, if not all of them. Continuing to not follow the rules after being warned is one way. Cheating to get multiple prizes takes away prizes for other people trying to follow the rules, so using multiple accounts to claim prizes is one way to get banned, cheating the games to win is another. But whenever you enter a forum section, you can read the rules for that section to keep them in mind.

There will be upcoming changes in the somewhat near future with administrators. However these changes won't in any way, shape or form affect our members. It will more or less be an extension to the current staff system.
Retired Server Administrator - September 2014 to February 2015


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