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Cryptocurrency Jobs
To whom it may concern:

I would like to discuss job ceation as it relates to the cryptoeconomy. I run a website Bitcoin Macroeconomics and set it up after a lay off from a job as I wanted to learn some new skills in web development, WordPress, HTML, etc. I've been keeping an eye on job opportunities within the realms of the cryptoeconomy world and in what I have done in the past.
I was recently offered a job (was supposed to start last week) but after several interviews the job offered zero healthcare and I wasn't going to relocate for that. My community has been ravaged by the global banksters and the government that just drains the economy. I'm not sure it's like this everywhere.
The alternative is the Urban Agenda and now over 2 hour commutes one way to the heart of the city. I don't know about you, but I seek solutions. I do not want to be part of the problem or have anything to do with the traffic jams let alone die in one (oh I've seen the whites of peoples eyes as they come locking it up from behind me ...on their cell phone) thinking I am going to get crushed and smashed into the car at a standstill in front of me. Agenda 21 does not suit me. And the employers that put their centers in the heart of cities are insane.
Ok I didn't come here to bitch about Slave Centers but I do believe technology should spread across the globe, and into all economies, and that includes suburbs and the rural setting, and home based businesses. Let's face it we have on line presence, SKYPE, and we are wired. This is what technology does. We also have the emergence of 3D.
I myself have an autoimmune condition that I was born with and am looking for a standard of healthcare, but the employment market is weak, and like i said I set out and got a job offer only to have to pass (and then offer was rescinded).
Why should Palo Alto and San Fran and all the metropolises get the high paying Bitcoin jobs? Should we not not take better control of creating a Cryptoeconomy? Is there not enough innovation to spread the wealth so to speak rather than centralizing it into the hands of the Crypto Elite?
I'd like to start this thread and see if there is an opportunity to put our talents together and to create REAL jobs. Jobs that pay liveable wage incomes, healthcare, jobs that can pay a mortgage (preferably in non driven up urban settings ripe with manipulation).
Have we not seen the failed institutions that are creating a Corporate takeover? Have the HR Departments not created a miserable job search?
Can we take the bull by the horns and forge a better future with Cryptocurrency?
The fact is we have the technology in the palm of our hands. And we can do better. Businesses want and desire new business development and growth, why is it that we cannot merge this with the cryptoeconomy and bring that?
Look at 3D, look at the emerging marijuana industry. Look at all the new instruments that drive Bitcoin and Crypto. Look at the emergence of Doge in and of itself. Can we not create REAL jobs with this innovation and elminate the freelance bullshit or worse the non paid internship or commission scams?
Is anybody interested in having the discussion on forging a hub and eliminating the middlemen and the slave traders? Can't we tell the headhunters to shove it up their ass?
Are there any real jobs out there? My goal in 2015 is to get healthcare and end this nonsense of wasting 3 hours per job application. It didn't use to be like this. Used to be whoever wanted it the most went out and got it, now they say "you need to go online" and then waste 3 hours filling in everything that is on your resume and your entire life history plus homeland security BS, if you are an American, what color you are, if you have a work visa, etc.
Can we not be more disruptive with this technology and build it up with new business?
Is anybody interested in looking at opportunities in 3D or Cannabis and devising better payment systems or driving commerce?
I'd like to make it happen before I get stuck in a traffic jam, or worse, get mamed or die in one or get another shitty boss.
I knew when I set up my site that I was doing so while looking for a job and that was the intention. I have learned a lot. I have learned some new technology. I can do social media. I can target markets. Nobody prospects as hard as me. Nobody. I desire the win win in life and nothing is more satisfying than a satisfied customer and picking off new business, and I'd like to pick off some globalis'ts business in the process.
I think it's time for some new blood and time to kick the status quo in the nuts.
I'd like to work with other people that don't want to just go along for the sake of going along with it any longer.
Is anybody else interested in the same things?
I'm trying to network with others and get some projects going for these very reasons.
One project is shortened URLs for Namecoin and referral programs. Another is a complete payment processing methodology for international trade and all businesses (from order entry to currency adjustment to tax prep), while I also am intrigued with 3D and what's coming out of Blocktech (Alexandria) and how that technology can be used for public integrity in order to preserve records, save tax payer money, and hold the unaccountable government accountable.
Can i so much as spark your interest and get you fired up enough to join in the conversation? Can I peak the interest of angel investors enough to get fire under foot and help disrupt the status quo, if not flip the entire table up and DRAW?
I don't want to sit back and barf from the 2 Party Failure that will dupe America and drain our economy, saddle it with debt, and outsource work to China or lower the standards any further with no economic prosperity.
I'd like to hold this conversation with YOU.
I had to say it here. There is community here. Smile
Or are we going to let the FAKE Globalists with their fake economy and built in backdoors and surveillance state and fake boy wonders control the action with their HR Departments? Are we going to sit back and let partners of VISA act like they are in the Bitcoin business and fund the Palo Alto connection?

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