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EngageBtc Game Competition Winners
Game Competition Winners

This is a list of all the latest competition winners.

lg1500 - Tightrope
lg1500 - xBot Helicopter
lg1500 - Western Shooter
lg1500 - Base Jumping
Ahmed1st - Bumper Golf

chizzychadd - Balance

chizzychadd - 7th competition winner

Congratulations to the current round of competition winners!
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owner is not allowed in the competition that he has made
lol Big Grin
(10-05-2014, 09:44 AM)ray Wrote: owner is not allowed in the competition that he has made
lol Big Grin

I play the competitions but If I was to set the high score I would end up paying the second place winner. 
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Big Grin 
Green with envy. LOL. Barely cant understand some instructions of the game. so maybe get the price for be the last in the list
Congrats Everyone Big Grin
Thanks for the competition and the prize. I'm looking forward to more gaming competitions in the future.

So disappointed. Wish I had noticed that lg1500 came in at the last minute and won snowball. Oh well. Looking forward to next challenge!
congrats to all the winners in this competition cant wait to play in the next 1!
Congrats to all winner Big Grin
Thread updated with current list of competition winners.
Retired Server Administrator - September 2014 to February 2015


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