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EngageBtc Announcement Game Competitions (Must Read)
Game Competitions 

I have decided to make this post due to the fact a number of people have been complaining in our main chat about the game competitions. 

This really pisses me off as new members visiting the site for the first time will not be a returning visitor if all they see is complaints in the chat rather then members welcoming them and chatting about crypto currency.

It clearly states in the rules for the gaming competitions the games will be paid out when there is a admin online. That means if there is not a admin online the games will continue to run until a admin can come online and close them and pay the winners. 

I am not sure if some of you understand but I do have a life out side of the community here. I go to work each day for 8 hours and usually come home and put a another 8 hours into the community. Some days when I do not work I put 16+ hours into the community. 

As you noticed I do not charge members anything to be a member of the community. Sense I started the gaming competitions I have paid 0.63 BTC or $233 according to today's price  out of my pocket to the winners. I do sell advertisements on the site but very little right now and they do not cover the costs of our server per month let alone the prizes for the competitions. 

I am not complaining about taking the money out of my pocket to keep the competitions running, nor am I complaining about the time it takes to set them up and advertise them. I am not asking anyone for money I am simply asking if you have a complaint about the game competitions please contact me directly or make a post about it in the game competition section. Posting about it in the main chat is only going to tarnish the reputation of the community in the long run.    
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I understand
luck to u rob
At the end of the day Rob, if people can't spend 2 minutes reading information that is clearly stated about the competitions it is their loss. Don't stress about it too much buddy, some people are just going to complain for the sake of complaining.

EDIT: Might be a good idea to make it against the rules for complaints being in the chat.
Retired Server Administrator - September 2014 to February 2015

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